The Travel Blogs – A very crowded Live Lounge – 31st October 2019

It’s our last evening in the caravan. I had done a nice easy dinner for us tonight. Bangers and Mash. We had our last dinner at our little table in the caravan.

Bella had decided she wanted to wear her pumpkin outfit for the evening entertainment. Because it was Halloween we thought we’d go and check out the evening entertainment. While Daly and I were getting ready I asked Bella to bring me her boots. And what did she bring me instead. My boots! She put them on her feet and walked around the caravan. It was very cute and funny but not what I wanted.

We finally got sorted with Bella wearing the right boots and me wearing my own. We set off down to the main facility. I had the pram filled with all our bits and Bella carried her baby.

We made our way up the hill. Daly carrying Bella and me pushing the pram. Bella did want to get in the pram but that was going to kill me so I said no. After a lot of huffing and puffing we made it.

Our first stop was the prize shop. We needed to cash in our tickets and get our prize as we couldn’t earlier. Bella had just over 400 tickets. She had decided she wanted two little unicorn toys. We got them and then the spare tickets were used to get some sweeties.

We headed into the Live Lounge and boy was it packed. There were no tables at all. We walked round the whole of the lounge and couldn’t find a single table. We stood for a while looking out over all the tables hoping someone would leave but instead people kept turning up. Instead Daly told me to take Bella down to the dance floor and he went and stood up the back near the security.

I took Bella down to the front and we sat down to watch the entertainment. They were doing a sort of show with a school theme. All the fun stars were dressed up as school girls, and a teacher, and they were singing songs to tell the story of the school day.

Bella really enjoyed sitting and watching the show. It was fun singing along. She joined in clapping after every song.

Once the show was over I thought we may be in luck and find a table but again we had no luck. Bella was restless and didn’t want to stay on the dance floor. She headed to the back of the Lounge and found Daly. Daly had been stood right next to the little shop they have in the Lounge.

Bella wanted to go into the shop to look so I let her. Again she went along all the soft toys, pulling them off the racks and giving them hugs.

She ended up going round the whole shop and finally settled on a Polly the Lifeguard doll. We had seen Polly at the beginning of the week so I was happy with her to get one. I didn’t want her to get one of the characters we hadn’t seen because I felt then it wasn’t a memento of her holiday.

Once we’d bought her doll, sadly she couldn’t pay for this one herself as I didn’t have any cash, we went back to find Daly outside. On stage they were playing a bingo game. We kinda payed attention to it but not really. We hadn’t bought any tickets so we were kinda just twiddling our fingers.

Bella had decided she had had enough and wanted to go. She curled up in her pram and pulled all the coats down on top of her. Daly tucked her in with his security jacket so she didn’t feel cold and we headed out into the cold and back to the caravan.

We pretty much power walked back to the caravan. None of us were wearing our coats as they were all ontop of Bella keeping her warm.

We got back to the caravan and hurried inside. We could hear a few children running around the caravans Trick or Treating. We turned our outside light on to indicate we had sweeties for anyone Trick or Treating. Daly curled up on the sofa watching videos on his phone, Bella was playing with her toys and I pulled my laptop out. We decided we were going to have a chilled Halloween evening. I decided it was a perfect chance to catch up on all my YouTube videos.

So our evening continued like that. Just before bedtime Bella decided she was hungry. She’s been really enjoying toast at the moment so I made her some toast and she happily munched away. It turns out one lot of toast wasn’t enough so I ended up making her another lot.

Just as we were winding down for bed and Bella was finally in her pyjamas she decided she wanted to talk to Uncle Zach. Daly had been chatting away to him on messenger so he Facetimed him so Bella could chat too. She was very happy to see Zach but kept trying to show him things that were the otherside of the caravan.

Once Bella had spoken to Zach and she was happily fed with toast it was time for her to go to bed.

Off to Hampshire tomorrow to see the family. I can’t wait.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

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