The Travel Blogs – Bye Bye Caravan – 1st November 2019

We’re leaving today. We are saying goodbye to our little home from the past week and off on the next part of our adventure. I got up early this morning, Bella wasn’t even awake and I set about getting as much of the little bit left around the caravan as packed as possible. I was making sure that all the bits I had packed and that were ready to go down to the car were put by the door so once Daly was up and dressed he could take them straight down to the car.

Daly got up shortly after me and started taking bits down to the car. I ended up having to wake Bella up as she was dead to the work. I’m guessing all the excitement from the last few days and this cold illness she has had, had finally gotten to her and taken it all out of her. I went in and woke her up gently. She didn’t want to wake up but eventually she came round to the idea and got up.

Once Bella was up I got her dressed so the suitcases could all be packed into the car as the only clothes around were the ones we were wearing. She managed to find the Halloween necklace I had had in my bag for last night in the Live Lounge and decided she wanted to play with it and wear it.

The stack of items and bags by the door was gradually growing as I emptied out the rest of the caravan. Poor Daly was making trips back and forth in the damp weather that had finally decided to show it’s face. We found out last night that it has been miserable in Kent all week so we were pretty lucky to end up with it now. Just meant Daly was getting a little damp taking all the bags down.

I made us all breakfast so we actually ate something decent before we started on the journey and also so I could finish up various items of food so we didn’t have to take them with us.

I had cooked scrambled eggs on toast for Bella and I just to get rid of the eggs. I didn’t fancy taking them all the way to Hampshire just to bring them back to Kent.

Daly had some toast for breakfast once he had finished packing the car. He doesn’t like eggs but it meant it was quite easy to get all out breakfasts done nice and quickly.

After breakfast Bella still wasn’t feeling too great, she ended up cuddling up with Daly. We had a little breather around the dinning room table before we made our final move to the car. Besides I needed to finish my cup of tea before I went anywhere.

It was soon time to vacate. I did a final quick sweep of all the rooms to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything or nothing had fallen down under the beds or was still sitting in the cupboards. It turns out we had actually done well and there was nothing left behind. I packed up the final items from the kitchen such as the cleaning products and Bella’s plates. It’s now time to leave.

Bella didn’t seem too happy we were leaving. She wasn’t very willing to take a family photo outside the caravan but after some persuading I managed to get a nice family photo.

Goodbye caravan, we’re going to miss you.

Time to hit the road for Hampshire.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

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