The Travel Blogs – Family Day – 2nd November 2019

We off out as a family today. The morning started with us slowly waking up. Everyone else was up but were used to late starts. Once we were finally up and awake we headed downstairs to have a bit of breakfast.

As soon as Bee and Bella were reunited they were playing again. Back with the Polly Pockets. The girls were lining all her little outfits up and playing with the dolls on the boat. I love the fact that they began playing again like they hadn’t been asleep and apart from each other for the past 12 hours.

We decided we should probably get some food into Bella while I enjoyed a cup of tea. Charlie had stopped asking Daly if he wanted anything to drink as she was always met with ‘No, I’m fine’ We thought the easiest thing to give Bella was an apple. The other girls were having cereal but Bella isn’t a cereal fan. She took her apple and went and sat with Izzie nicely and we all watched a film.

It was a bit of a slow start to the morning but we soon got our butts in gear. We were waiting for Charlie’s parents, my uncle and auntie, to turn up as we were off out for the day to do something with the kids. They ended up being delayed which meant we could take some time and the kids had longer to play together. We all gradually got it together and got out of our pyjamas. People were having showers and there was the good old debate about whether to dress warmly or what to wear as we were going out.

Eventually we all looked semi alive and were ready to go out once Barry and Sheron turned up. Now Bella had been going around making a menace of herself. She had got into Charlie’s budget planner and decided to draw all over it. Charlie quickly found her a notepad to draw in and she laid herself down on the carpet. Bee wanted to join in so Charlie found her a pen and then both girls led on the floor drawing on the paper together.

Barry and Sheron eventually turned up with my cousin Jamie’s partner and the girls. It was time to grab our coats and bits and bobs together and get out the door. We were heading to Basingstoke to a place called Milestones. Barry, Sheron, Hannah and the two girls went in Barry’s car. While Charlie, Bee, Izzie and Ellie came in our car.

Charlie directed Daly while I sat right at the back with the two older girls. It was sitting at the back. Very chilled out. I just couldn’t hear anything that was being said. Oh well.

It took us about 30 minutes to get to Milestones. We had a bit of trouble getting in though. The sign posted entrance was completely blocked off by road works so Charlie had to think on our toes and take us in the back way. Even then the car park was rammed so we had to head back out on the industrial estate it’s located on so we could use the overflow car park. Now Daly was a little worried as we drove into the car park as it had one of those height restriction bars and we still had the light bar on. Thankful the car managed to fit under and we went and found a spot at the back of the car park.

We got to troops out and set off to find Milestones. Charlie and Hannah decided to be sensible and take the road/path way with the pram and little Shelby while the rest of us decided we were going to climb over a grass hill and hope there wasn’t a fence stopping us.

We didn’t have to climb over a fence and met up with Hannah and Charlie. We all walked in and set about paying entry. Bella kept trying to disappear off so I tried to keep tabs on her while we took it in turns to pay entry. It’s pretty good, it’s one of those places where you pay once for entry and then your ticket is valid all year. Definitely worth it.

Once we were all paid up we headed in. Now the exhibit floor is actually two floors down from the entrance. Off we went down the stairs while Hannah took Shelby in the lifts. We all met up on the lowest floor and set about coming up with a plan of attack for the walking around.

The kids all wanted to disappear off to the penny arcade they had running down one of the sides of the building but we thought it was probably better to head there after we’d seen everything.

We had a look around the exhibts. It’s a really cool place with all these little stores and buildings set up like they were in the 1940’s ish (don’t quote me on that, I could be completely wrong. I sucked at history) Ellie was walking round with Bella and keep an eye on her for me.

There were loads of little bits for the kids, it was great. The little ones found a little play house that they wanted to play in. They kept putting their faces up against the windows and pulling faces.

Izzie had found a little greengrocers near a tent that was selling refreshments. All the kids went over to have a go at playing shop keeper and customer. They played nicely and it was a perfect time for us adults to stop and grab a cuppa.

We stopped and grabbed cups of tea and some pieces of cake, while all the kids had some juice and gingerbread men. I had a cup of tea and a really nice lemon meringue cupcake. It was so nice. I really need to learn to make icing like they have on shop cupcakes. I love them.

Daly actually surprised me and had a cup of tea. I think he must have been ill. We found a table for the kids to sit out while us grown ups stood around enjoying our cakes.

Once we’d finished our snacks and drinks we took off looking at the exhibts.

The next little area we found a little market stall and then a school room. Of course the kids loved this. Some of them were stood at the lectern at the front of the class and others were sat at desks. Barry even ended up taking up residence at a desk. While the kids were playing schools us adults were chatting about our own experiences at school and having a laugh.

We continued to wander round having a look. We found a garage with a few steam vehicles inside it and a pumpkin. There was a Halloween treasure hunt where you had to find the pumpkins dotted around the building. Daly walked off with Bella and they went and had a look in the saw mill at various bits.

The older girls had spotted a craft area where you could pay and take part in Halloween crafts. They wanted a go so they went and did that. I continued to take Bella around the exhibits but the craft station before finding a nice tree stump to sit Bella on to take some cute photos. Sadly the lighting wasn’t that great for photos so they didn’t turn out quite as I wanted them.

We bumped into Shelby and Hannah in one of the exhibits and Bella decided she was going to play hide and seek with Shelby. It was so cute to see them play.

The older girls had soon finished with their little craft projects so we headed off to look at the rest of the exhibits. Bella found a hopscotch on the ground outside an old style co-op. She jumped across the numbers. When she reached number 10 she turned round and told Daly it was daddy’s turn. That wasn’t happening though.

We headed into the old co-op when someone from our party came out and told us there were singing pumpkins inside. We headed in and behind the till were 3 singing pumpkins. Ellie had come in with Bee and the girls loved the pumpkins. They happily watched them singing and chatting.

We carried on heading round. Barry heading into the fire station with Bee while the rest looked at the various little shops down a side street. I followed Izzie who had managed to be drawn back to the penny arcade and decided she was going to climb into the little postman pat van that was at the end of the street.

The rest of the kids seemed to appear behind us. They all wanted to try and sit in the van but we told them we needed to move on. Bee surprised us by taking Daly’s hand to walk down the street. It was so cute, Daly walking down the little side street holding hands with Bee and Bella. The picture of cuteness.

We continued to make our way round all the little shops. We found a camera shop with various different cameras through the ages. There was a toy store showing the evolution of toys. It was really interesting going into all these different places and seeing how things have changed over the years.

The kids soon found a big red bus in the middle of the street and the excitement of this was they could actually get onto the bus. All the other vehicles we had seen they hadn’t been able to go on. All the girls got on and I managed to get a photo of them all together apart from Izzie.

Bella played with Daly through the window. While Barry played with Shelby through the window on the other side of the bus

We had a look around the last few stores and the girls all had great fun playing in a little air raid shelter. It was nice to see them all playing together. It started off just a few of them and then it quickly became all six girls.

We decided we should hit the old time sweet shop before making a last move to head back towards the entrance and the cars. When we had first entered there was an option to buy a ration book that meant you were able to get your ration of sweets from the sweet shop. All the kid lined up at the shop to get their ration. Daly took Bella into chose her sweets.

She came out of the shop proudly carrying her sweeties. She had a bag full of dolly mixtures.

Once all the kids had chosen the sweets they had a mini sweet picnic in the middle of the street together, We soon moved them on though to finish all the exhibits.

On our way round to the penny arcade we came across a fire engine they could climb on and sit in the drivers seat. All the kids had a go at this under the supervision of Sheron before we moved on to the final area. A garage with various vehicles inside. Obviously it was right up the boys alley but the kids just enjoyed pressing buttons and pulling levers.

The last area of Milestones to look at was the penny arcade. The girls were all given pennies for the games. Bella used her penny on a little puppet machine. You put the penny in, and then pressed the buttons to make it dance to the music.

Just as we were about to leave Daly had one more penny Bella could used. They decided to try their hand at a sweetie grab machine. Sadly they didn’t win any though.

It was time to go so we headed back upstairs to the entrance and gift shop. Bella ran around looking at everything but I called her over to where I had found some postcards. She likes postcards. She chose a postcard of a car she liked and then took it and her penny to the lady on the till.

Once she had paid we all gathered by the door. It was raining outside and we didn’t fancy taking the kids out in the rain. Once we had all gathered in the door way, Barry and Daly disappeared off to get the cars and bring them round. Sheron had bought all the girls a gift. The younger three all got little wooden spinners while the older three got pens. Soon the men turned up with the cars and off we ran to get everyone in them so we could head back to Charlie’s and get ready to go out to dinner.

We had a wonderful family day. It was lovely getting together and doing something fun.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

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