Festive Season – Visiting Santa – 27th November 2019

We headed off to Westwood Cross today to do some Christmas shopping. I’m not going to bore you with all the details of our day. I mean all we did was go from one shop to another, it’s not that interesting.

Now we go to Westwood Cross every year to see Santa. Mum started this tradition four years ago. She had been re diagnosed with cancer and decided while we were Christmas shopping that she wanted to see Santa. We took her to see Santa and it’s such a good experience that we now take Bella every year. Last year we were messed around a little bit by them. They had advertised their dates wrong, which was gutting because mum had been looking forward to taking Bella but Santa’s grotto had been only open at the weekends and not on a Wednesday when we had gone down. By the time we re visited mum was in hospital and unable to come with us.

We got dressed up in Christmas jumpers and set off to see Santa.

We did a little bit of shopping first but we headed to Santa before lunch. It has just started to rain as we headed to the grotto. It wasn’t too bad I guess, it meant we didn’t have to wait long to go in. There was no queue. No one wanted to stand out in the rain to wait for Santa. We had to wait outside for a minute or two but it wasn’t long before we were invited in by Santa’s elf.

Inside we met Santa who was sitting by a lovely (fake) open fire. Bella was very excited to see Santa and chat to him. She showed him her Christmas star decoration we had bought in Primark that had Olaf on it. Santa looked at the star and chatted to her about what she wanted for Christmas.

We told Santa she’d like a doll and when he asked her if she wanted a big doll or a little doll. Apparently Bella wanted a little doll.

Once we had chatted to Santa we had a nice group family photo. Rachel was very excited because she got to sit next to Santa where Bella wouldn’t. Instead Bella wanted to sit on my lap on the floor.

We said goodbye to Santa and headed through to see our photos. We chose the one we liked and purchased two. Normally we buy a set that has a keyring and a snowglobe or a bauble but this year we didn’t see the point. Otherwise our tree is just going to end up of photos of us at Santa or I’ll have a shelf of Santa snow globes with us all just aging a year at a time. So we just bought two photos, one for Rachel to keep and one for Daly and I.

It’s a very pretty grotto and it’s a good Santa so I love it as our yearly Santa.

After Santa we headed to get some food as we were all very hungry. While we were waiting for our food us girls all did some colouring. There were reindeer colouring sheets in McDonalds but Rachel was upset there wasn’t any decent colours in the crayon pot for a reindeer. There was no brown. I coloured my reindeer orange because of that. And then Bella added some blue,

We saved Bella’s present from Santa until we got home. Once we got in and had unpacked the car of all the shopping we gave Bella her present. She sat down in front of the TV and started to open her present.

It turns out Santa had given Bella a little punk turtle. He had a black leather shell and an orange mohawk. She was very happy she had a turtle. Santa is doing well this year with the grotto presents.

Another good trip to Santa today. It’s definitely starting to feel like Christmas.

Until next time.

Love CiCi x

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