Blogmas – A Standard Monday – 2nd December

Today didn’t start how I wanted but I didn’t really matter. On Saturday I managed to chip the nail varnish of my freshly painted acrylics that I had had done on Friday. I had got in touch with the nail salon I had gone to and they I told me to come in Monday and they would fix it. That meant this morning I had to get up early.

Now I was going to leave Bella with Liam if he had been up but he’s currently struggling to get his body clock to reset so she was coming with me. I was up early and getting Bella and I dressed. I decided the best thing was to get Bella’s bag ready for nursery and pop her into the clothes she’d be wearing for the nursery. That just meant that if I was running really late I’d be able to drop Bella straight to nursery. I texted Dawn to check that she was ok to watch Bella for me while I went to get my nails fixed and of course she was happy to have her.

I quickly dropped Bella off at Dawn’s before I drove into town to go to the salon. I can not fault the place. They are brilliant. They’ve been doing my nails since May and they have always been brilliant. As soon as I turned up one of the girls recognised me and that I was there to get my nail fixed and told me to take a seat. Within ten minutes another lady was ready to touch up the little chip. It was really weird because it was a tiny bit of gel polish that had come off but the lady fixed up my nail with no complaints for free and within another ten minutes I was on my way again. It was really nice though because the woman asked me if they would see me before Christmas to which I replied probably. Then off I went with my perfect nails.

I headed back to the car and returned to Dawn’s to pick up Bella. I stopped and had a cup of coffee with Dawn. Because of how quickly my nail had been fixed I had plenty of time to chill out before I had to get home and do Bella some lunch. Dawn and I had a nice chat while Bella ordered Dawn around, telling her where to sit. Once I’d finished my coffee it was time to take Bella home.

When we got home I made Bella some lunch and she was able to watch a tiny bit of TV before we had to get back in the car to head to nursery. I dropped Bella at nursery and then I came home.

I got a tiny bit of house work down while I made myself some lunch. I finished some tidying and then chilled on the sofa. That wasn’t necessarily a great idea. I popped my Youtube videos on the TV and cuddled up under a fleece blanket. This ended badly. I actually ended up falling asleep on the sofa. Luckily I have alarms set on my phone to tell me when I need to go pick up Bella.

I woke up to the alarm and threw my shoes on. Just before I left I headed up stairs to tell Daly that it was nearly 3pm and he needed to wake up for work. I jumped in the car and went to get Bella.

Bella was very excited when I met her at nursery. She happily walked out of nursery and raced me back to the car. For some reason she likes to race me to and from the car when she’s at nursery.

When we got home I told her she needed togo wake up daddy. But nope, she didn’t want to wake up daddy. Instead she wanted to wake up uncle Liam instead. I went in to wake up Daly instead. He didn’t seem very happy I’d woken him but he soon got up.

When Bella and I had got back downstairs she saw the paints on the table from last nights painting and she wanted to do some more painting. I set up the paint for her and found her some paper and Bella and I sat at the table and Bella did some painting.

Sadly she wasn’t able to paint for too long. We had run out of paper. Bella wasn’t too happy but she except that she couldn’t do anymore painting and we needed to head into the living room.

Daly eventually turned up downstairs and said goodbye to us so he could go to work. We said our goodbyes and then we spent our afternoon watching Netflix. Bella found this Netflix show that seemed to be about a pug family.

We spent the afternoon watching this new show until I told Bella we needed to watch something else. There’s only so many episodes I can watch. Luckily I needed to head into the kitchen to start dinner. Bella decided she was going to join me. Bella stood up at one counter drawing while I cooked and prepared on the other counter.

We had dinner and then we watched TV together in the living room. We ended up watching the Simpsons and then found the film Now You See Me 2.

While we were watching the Simpsons I found Bella’s advent calendars. I’ve now brought them downstairs so we can do them at any time of the day rather than in the morning.

First we opened the Toot Toot calendar. I helped Bella to find the number 2. Although she can count she doesn’t know what her numbers look like yet. We found the number 2 and I helped Bella open the door. Turns out the doors in the calendar are pretty hard for a two year old to open. Inside door number 2 was a little present.

Once we’d opened the Toot Toot calendar we went to the gingerbread man and found pocket number 2. Inside was another chocolate coin – spoiler alert, they are all chocolate coins. Bella ate her coin and then snuggled up with me on the sofa to watch the TV.

We’ve had a lovely day. Bella enjoyed nursery and painting and snuggles with her mumma.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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