Blogmas – Babyballet Christmas Party – 5th December 2019

I had four hours sleep last night. Not good. Daly, Liam and I had stayed up until gone 4am watching videos and playing various try not to sing, guess the movie, try not to laugh games on Youtube. So I wasn’t in a great mood this morning when I woke up. Bella had also woken up when we had gone to bed so she hadn’t had much sleep either.

I woke up and got my self ready to go to ballet before I woke Bella up. I eventually went into Bella’s room and woke her up. She didn’t really want to. She ended up snuggling back into me and wanting her blanket. I took her downstairs and got her dressed into her little Santa dress for her Babyballet party.

Once we were all ready we headed off to ballet. It seemed there were a great deal of lorries on the industrial estate who were stopped in random places. I have no idea how I managed to make it to ballet in one piece with how the lorries had been parked, on blind bends meaning you couldn’t see if anything was coming towards you. Thankfully we made it in one piece.

As soon as we got to ballet, Bella started to play with one of her little friends. They were playing hide and seek while we waited to go into the room for class.

When we finally made it in to class and everyone was taking their coats and shoes off. While we were doing that, Bella and two other little girls were running round the class giggling and trying to get away from their teacher. It was lovely to see.

Then it was time for class to begin. Bella chose her spot next to one of her friends and we started with the warm up. Bella wasn’t too sure to start with as the music was different to normal but she soon got into the Christmassy theme. Bella enjoyed pretending to catch snowballs and throw them and also making snow angels on the ground. I was amazed with how coordinated she was.

One of Bella’s favourite activities at ballet this morning was the parachute. She joined in so nicely and listened to instructions. First they had to shake the parachute up and down and then raise it up and down. I helped her a little with that. The final activity with the parachute was for all of them to go under the parachute.

Bella had lots of fun. The next activity was the jumper. Everyone got excited when they saw the spots come out. Bella even straightened them up when one of the spots got knocked out of place. One of the girls had asked for the tunnel so Miss Paige found the tunnel and placed it at the end of the spots.

Before Twinkl and Ted came out at the end of the session, out came the shakers. Bella once again listened to instructions and joined in nicely.

Twinkl and Ted were handed out at the end of class. Bella seemed done at this point though. She didn’t want to show Twinkl her bend and stretches instead she just sat with me and cuddled Twinkl.

At the end of class Miss Paige handed everyone a card and a present. Bella sat and unwrapped her present first. Inside was a mini bottle of bubbles. Bella had been asking for bubbles all class after she had seen Miss Paige’s bubble gun on her table.

She then opened her card. Bella loves cards. She definitely her mother’s daughter that she gets more excited about cards than presents. Inside the envelope was a card from Miss Linda and all the team at Babyballet.

We gathered our bits and headed to the car to go home. When we got home I asked Bella to go upstairs and wake up Daly. He had had alarms set this morning but I slept through them. I had no idea why he had set those alarms.

Bella didn’t want to wake him up so we left him for a little bit and opened Bella’s advent calendar instead. Under door number 5 we found a little house stand thing. I’m not quite sure how to describe it. It’s a stand with the image of a house on it.

We eventually made it upstairs and Bella woke up Daly. Then it was lunch time. I seemed to be on a bit of a go slow today with getting Bella ready for nursery. I ended up making Bella’s lunch slightly late and then was slow getting her dressed. However we still managed to make it to nursery in time.

When we parked up and got round the corner from nursery Bella wanted me to take a photo of her. Daly has a tendency to send me a photo when he drops off Bella so it’s obviously become a thing for her. Not that she would look at me or smile.

I dropped Bella and then went home. The boys were watching videos on Youtube but I ended up curling up on the sofa and going to sleep. The lack of sleep from the night before had got to me. I’d already said to Daly that he could pick up Bella and Liam and he had errands to run.

Daly ended up waking me up at 5pm. Bella had been asleep since she had got home from nursery. She woke up a similar time to me. I made a move and headed into the kitchen to cook dinner.

After dinner Daly headed out as he had darts. Liam had already gone out and was going to meet Daly at the pub. Bella and I played for a little bit before bed but soon it was time for her to go up.

Before Bella went to bed properly, she kept coming downstairs to complain about things, I told her a little bit about Sinterklaas. My auntie is Dutch and since she joined our family we’ve always tried to celebrate Sinterklaas in our own way. I know we don’t do it properly but we try. So before bed Bella and I put our shoes under the fireplace for Sinterklaas to fill with goodies. Bella is very excited with the idea that she’s going to wake up to goodies in her shoe from Sinterklaas.

Night all, and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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