Blogmas – Last day at Nursery – 9th December 2019

Today is Bella’s last day at nursery before she breaks up for the Christmas holidays. Which of course means not that exciting of a day. As I don’t tend to do much without Bella.

We started our day like normal with Bella opening her advent calendar.

Today, behind door number 9, was a little house. It seems these little houses can be used to make a Christmassy scene for Santa and his reindeer. I got Bella ready for nursery and then dropped her off like normal.

Daly, Liam and I did a bit of shopping while Bella was at nursery. We did a little bit of Christmas shopping plus some Christmas food shopping. Daly wasn’t impressed with me filling the basket. I’m guessing he felt like I was playing Jenga with the basket. Oh well lol.

Once we’d finished our shopping Daly dropped me off at nursery with the pram to pick up Bella before he had to disappear to work. I was taking Bella to mum’s art group Christmas party. I had been invited when we were at the Christmas tree festival. The party had started at 2pm but we were of course late due to nursery.

To walk to the art group I took Bella through the park. It was a nice crisp day, chilly. As we walked through the park Bella spotted the leaves by the edge of the park. I told her it was ok to run through the leaves. Off she went.

Now by the exit to the park we found a massive pile of leaves. And when I say massive I mean humongous, like twice the height of Bella. Bella was a little unsure but I told her she could dive in. She tried to climb up the pile of leaves but she kept sinking into them.

We eventually left the leaves behind and made it into town and to the hall where the art group met. I was a bit worried about turning up. I hadn’t stepped into the hall since almost a year to the day. The last time I had come to the hall was their Christmas party last year when we were celebrating mum’s birthday.

We made our way into the hall and were happily welcomed. Everyone was very happy to see us. It was nice to see. The leader of the group welcomed us and gave me presents for both myself and Bella. I was extremely surprised as I had never agreed I was going to turn up. We were encouraged to help ourselves to food and one of the members went and got me a cup of tea.

I gathered up some food for Bella and I and then sat down to enjoy it. Bella annoyingly helped herself to the bits I had really wanted to eat. But apparently sharing is caring.

I was soon handed a cracker to share with Bella. Bella and I decided to give it ago. I have to be careful pulling crackers with Bella I don’t want to knock her off the chair. When we pull the cracker I have to hold on to her hand and pull against myself. Bella won the cracker but she didn’t want to put the hat on.

Soon 4pm rolled around and it was time to say goodbye. We said our goodbyes and thanked the group for the food and presents before we headed into town to do a bit of Christmas shopping.

While we were in town Bella started to get a bit cold. She was complaining her ears were cold and that they hurt. So while we were in town I found some cute unicorn ear muffs in the hopes she’d keep them on to prevent her getting too cold.

Surprisingly she managed to keep her ear muffs on the whole way home. When we got home we had some dinner and then a little bit of play time. We had a look through the Smyths catalogue to see if Bella could choose some things she wanted Santa to bring her. No such luck. Instead she found a pair of my fluffy socks and decided she wanted to put them on.

She looked cute running around in the living room wearing my socks.

We had a nice time at the Christmas party. I’m glad I took Bella

Love CiCi x

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