Blogmas – Mum’s Birthday – 10th December 2019

Today is mum’s birthday. And we haven’t planned anything. I feel guilty that we haven’t arranged for anything to do to celebrate. I had got in touch with Rachel though so we were at least going to see each other. I suppose that was something.

So we no plans our day was going to be a chilled out one. Like always we started our morning with Bella’s advent calendar. This morning wasn’t a very interesting item in the calendar, it was a cookie or playdough cutter. Bit of a weird thing to find in a toot toot calendar but oh well.

With our chilled out day. We decided to have a movie day. I let Bella choose the films. It ended up being a bit of a Disney day. Of course Bella wanted to watch Frozen. That’s all she has wanted to watch recently.

And to go with watching the film Bella wanted to dress up in her Anna dress. I put her in her dress and we happily danced and sang along with all the songs in Frozen.

Bella has had a real liking for gingerbread men and sadly she had eaten them all so in a rush job I grabbed a make your own gingerbread man packet mix. I hate gingerbread men, I can’t stand the spices. I normally get Rachel to make them but I didn’t want to wait until she turned up after dinner.

I made the gingerbread so I could cook it at the same time as the dinner. I don’t think Bella was too happy that I wouldn’t let her help. While I was busy cooking and preparing dinner Bella played with the Christmas magnets I had got for the fridge. I had bought her a Santa one. It’s so cute watching her piece Santa together. As she does it she will tell me that she’s adding his arms and his legs and will also pretend that bits are missing.

I cooked spaghetti bolognese for dinner. Bella’s favourite or at least it was. Soon the bolognese was cooked and ready for dinner and so were the little gingerbread men.

I dished dinner up and then placed the gingerbread men on the side to cool. We enjoyed out dinner and then Rachel came round after. Rachel and I sat and chatted about the fact we hadn’t done anything for dinner but with the run up to Christmas it had meant we were in a bit of a rush to try and get everything in order. It turned out Rachel had been Christmas shopping today as she didn’t have many days off before Christmas. So at least she had done something useful with her day as apposed to me who had been sat on the sofa all day.

I put Bella to bed and Rachel headed off home. To try and do something in mum’s memory today I thought I would finally put some photos into my Special Mum locket. I hunted out my photos that I had collected for Bella to put into her memory book of mum. I found the pile of photos and looked through for some good photos and also ones that were small enough to fit in my locket. I found a photo of mum from our trip to Wingham to put in one side and a photo of Bella just a few weeks old to put in the opposite side.

My locket also had a centre section so in the middle I put two photos of mum with Bella. One with mum being silly on our trip to see reindeer at Reculver Towers and the other was of mum and Bella enjoying her Christmas present from me – adventure golf in Hastings.

I’m happy my locket finally has photos in it. It’s funny I got the locket for my birthday after Bella was born and she’s nearly 3 now. It was about time I put some photos in it. It’s a shame their not the photos I wanted but at least I’ll always have mum and Bella with me.

Happy Birthday mum, I hope you had a blast.

Love CiCi x

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