Blogmas – A trip to London – 11th December 2019

Were off to see the family today. We’re heading to London to see my dad’s brother. It’s a bit of a drive though so it was an early start. First stop of the day was of course Costa. Can’t do any roadtrip without a Costa.

We hit the drive through for our usual order. Bella with her little Santa gingerbread man. She was very happy to start the day with him.

Rachel and I had our now normal Christmas Costa drinks. Rachel had her gingerbread hot chocolate and I had my Irish velvet latte. Although I don’t like the little stars. Luckily Rachel like them so she ate my star. But it was time to hit the road.

The drive up was pretty easy. We stopped at Clacket Lane for a quick toilet break but we hit the road pretty soon after. Thankfully the M25 was an extremely easy drive. Bella happily sat in the back of the car and watched Sing!

We soon pulled up at my uncles and I parked up. There would have been space for me to park on their drive but I was a wimp about attempting parking the bus on the drive. We knocked on the door and headed in for a quick chill before we headed to the restaurant we had booked for lunch.

It was soon time to head to the restaurant and because I’m a big wimp driving my car we all bundled into my uncles car. I was extremely grateful he was driving as we had to take the back roads round to the restaurant and they were tight.

We pulled up to the restaurant and headed in. Bella was very excited for food. We ended up sat in the little conservatory area. It was very busy. It seemed there were a few groups that were having Christmas get togethers. It was quite loud in the restaurant but it wasn’t too distracting. We had a lovely chat while we decided what we were going to order.

Once we ordered we carried on chatting. Bella was a little restless. She was hungry and therefore a bit grumpy. Luckily my aunt was prepared for a grumpy toddler. She had brought pencils and paper with her. So Rachel, Bella and my aunty had a lovely time drawing while I chatted to my uncle.

We had a lovely meal. The food is lovely in the restaurant. It’s where we always go when we visit my uncle. The food is always lovely there. The desserts were brilliant. I loved my creme brulee. It was so cute in the little tea cup.

After dinner we headed back to my uncles for more of a catch up and to chill out. Most of the afternoon my uncle spent with Bella. She wanted to play on his piano so the pair of them sat up on the piano stall and played music together. It was lovely to see. Bella really does love seeing her Great uncle and aunty. And considering she only sees them maybe two or three times a year she is instantly comfortable with them and ready to play.

Bella seemed very interested in music today. She even got uncle to pop on some music so we could dance. All she kept saying ‘Dance, mummy!’ So of course up I got and danced with Bella.

One of my favourite things about being at my uncles is the fire in his living room. It just makes me feel so cosy.

Once Bella was over playing with the piano and dancing she went and found some toys. My aunt gave her a few she could play with, she also had a few of her own toys from home. Bella was making all the toys follow the leader out of the living room and into the dinning room where the Christmas tree was. My uncle and I kept winding Bella up by removing one toy and hiding it. She spent ages trying to hunt for theses toys and then we’d slip them back into the queue.

Bella managed to lead all the toys out to the tree and placed them around the tree. She was so excited by the tree and seeing the presents under the tree. She has really got into Christmas this year.

Once she’d finished around the tree she played follow the leader back into the living room. Once all the animals were back into the living room she lined them all up on the piano stool. We did have to point out that the ducks couldn’t go on to the stool. They are very heavy ducks made from wood so we didn’t want them to fall off and break.

Once they were all lined up Bella read them a story.

We had a few little nibbles for tea. I wanted Bella to eat something so we made her a cheese sandwich and then I joined her to have one. Once Bella was finished she disappeared off to the living room and was running riot. My aunt put on the TV so we were hoping it would calm her down. It seemed to work as Bella quickly settled down on the sofa.

We settled with Bella and enjoyed a bit of Mr Bean the cartoon. We all seemed to have a bit of a chill out time before we had to start to make our move home. We said our goodbyes and jumped into the car.

We seemed to have the same luck with the M25 that we had earlier. We didn’t come across any problems until we got to Cobham services. On the gantries it was telling us that there were pedestrians on the motorway. We wanted to pull into Cobham anyway so we could have a quick toilet break and Rachel wanted to grab a drink.

Bella was not happy about having to get out the car. Rachel carried her into the services and apparently Bella is a dead weight when she’s asleep. I’m pretty used to it. She stayed asleep on the walk in but wasn’t happy when Rachel handed her over to me.

Rachel grabbed a drink from Starbucks and then we got back on the road again. Now everything was going well until we got onto the M26. It turned out the M26 to the M20 was closed. So we went on a magical mystery tour. We were being taken over to the A20 heading towards Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells. Luckily I used to work in Tunbridge Wells so I didn’t have to follow the diversion. In fact I went completely off the diversion and used the routes I used to use to get home from work.

Surprisingly when we got home Bella was pretty with it. I expected her to fall asleep in the car and stay asleep so I could just carry her in. But nope. Not tonight she was wide awake just as we pulled into town. As she was awake when we got home I let her open her advent calendar before she went to bed. Inside her calendar was a little gingerbread man.

As she was wide awake and had slept most of the way home I let her stay up for a little bit. She happily played with her toot toot toys while I chilled out to a little bit of TV. But soon it was time to go to bed.

So we had a lovely day with my aunt and uncle. It’s lovey to see the family. We don’t see each other as we probably should but then again the opportunities don’t arise as often. Hopefully next time the boys will be able to join us.

Until next time.

Love CiCi x

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