Blogmas – A Trip to see Great Grandma and Grandad – 14th December 2019

This morning Bella had a surprise in the post. Every Christmas we take part in the ‘In The Night Garden Live’ advent calendar online. Every day you have to click on the right door and there is a treat hidden behind, whether it’s interactive colouring or a video. But they do give you the chance to win tickets to the show and other goodies. We had won a colouring sheet and poster on about day 4 and this morning they arrived in the post. I let Bella open the letter as I realised it was for her.

Bella was very happy with her colouring sheet. She instantly went and got her colours so she could colour it in.

We were heading out today to see Daly’s grandparents. We usually go and visit them just before Christmas. Bella loves seeing her great Grandma and Grandad. We had some lunch at home and then we set about going to seeing the grandparents.

When we got there Grandma and Grandad were surprised to see us. Daly was suppose to text ahead but had forgotten. Luckily they were free though so in we went. Bella had brought a few of her toys with her so she played with them while we chatted. Bella wanted to sit next to Grandma, it was so cute to see. She gets on really well with her great grandma.

We chatted and enjoyed each others company for about an hour before we said goodbye and headed off to go and see Daly’s parents. Bella of course was excited to see them. While Bella spent time with her Grandma and Grandad I dashed round to Sainsburys to pick up some pizzas for dinner.

I was looking forward to tonight. It was the final of Strictly Come Dancing. It did go on for a bit. Each couple doing 3 dances and of course the clips in between. It seemed to go on forever. And there was issues with the voting again. Thankfully I managed to vote for my favourite couple. I really wanted Anton to win. He didn’t but I’m glad he got through to the final.

As the Strictly final was on I had let Bella stay up late. She opened her advent calendar before she went to bed. Today it was a little plastic fire to place in the middle of the village of houses.

Once I eventually put Bella to bed it was time to start some Christmas wrapping. I’ve got loads to do this year, it’s insane. Now my Christmas tradition is to wrap my presents while I watch Home Alone. I remember every year mum used to moan about me watching Home Alone as she thought it was a rubbish film. That didn’t stop her watching it every year.

I popped Home Alone on on the laptop and made piles of everyone’s presents on the bed so I could wrap them.

I’m not thrilled with my wrapping this year. I’ve decided I need to do better next year.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

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