Blogmas – Bella’s Christmas Party – 13th December 2019

This morning Bella had nursery. It was her nursery’s Christmas party. I had arranged for Bella to go in so she could go to the party. When I had asked her if she wanted to go she had said no but I thought it was best for her to go and enjoy the party and spend time with the other children from the nursery. They had told me Bella wasn’t too fond of playing with other children so I thought the party would be a great opportunity for her to make some friends.

She was happy to go though. I got her dressed up in a little Christmas outfit and off she went. Happy as anything to go to nursery.

When I picked up Bella, she was bouncing. Santa had come to visit them at the party and every child had been given a present. It turned out that Bella’s present was a large doll with long golden brown hair. The nursery manager had said the doll looked just like Bella. She was so happy with it.

After nursery I took her back home to play for a little bit. We took the doll out of the box and Bella spent time brushing her hair. She got quite annoyed though because the dolls shoes kept falling off. Bella really has a thing with her dolls and shoes.

Once Bella had finished playing with her doll we opened her advent calendar. Today it was another of those cookie/playdough cutters. Today’s one – a yellow tree. I still have no idea what I’m suppose to use it on.

I decided I was going to walk into town and do a bit more hunting for Christmas presents and to post my Christmas cards that needed to go abroad. I have a few family members who live aboard.

I walked into town and hit the post office first. I was a bit unsure of what I was doing but luckily there was someone there to help me. I finished up in the post office and headed into town properly.

I headed to Costa for my me time on a Friday. I ordered my usual, a latte and a tea cake. I took my tray and went and found a spot upstairs to sit.

I love sitting upstairs in Costa. It’s so quiet, no one goes up there. I enjoyed my me time. Followed by a wander around the town. I eventually decided it was probably time to head home.

We had a nice chilled out time at home. We all ended up having a movie night in the living room. It was so cute, Bella curled up on the floor with Liam. It was like his own mini me.

Bella had an awesome time at her nursery party and I enjoyed some me time.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

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