Blogmas – Christmas Food Shop – 21st December 2019

I did the final Christmas food shop today. I was still hunting for Cathy’s present so I headed over to the island. I visited the usual suspects – Poundland, B and M but then I thought I’d head into Sheerness and see what the big Tesco’s had to offer. I needed to get some photos printed for Dawn’s Christmas present so I thought I could do that while I was there as well as present hunting.

I do like to shop in the big Tescos. I thought as I was there and wasn’t going to have much chance over the next few days to do the Christmas food shop I’d do it now.

I grabbed Bella and popped her in the trolley, then made my way up and down the aisles following mum Christmas food list that she worked off of every year. I had already bought half of it but as I hadn’t been too sure what we were doing Christmas eve I hadn’t bought any food for that dinner.

Bella was helpful holding onto items as I found them and putting certain ones in the trolley that she didn’t want to hold. Once we’d picked up all the food and I’d made sure we had dessert for Christmas eve we headed to the gifts and clothes. I thought I might at least find something in the clothes section for Cathy but nope. I managed to find Liam and Oli an extra presents for their stockings. I had ordered them some socks but they weren’t here yet and I didn’t know if they would be before Christmas. I didn’t want to chance it so I grabbed them something extra.

Now I was a little naughty walking through the kids section. I spotted a Frozen 2 all in one snowsuit. Bella had one of these last Christmas and I think their great when it’s really cold. I would honestly wear one myself if they did adult ones. They are warm and cozy. And this one was half price. I had thought of giving it to Bella for Christmas but as she’d chosen it I didn’t see the point.

We headed to the check out and sent it all through. I’d also stocked up on pull ups so we had enough during the Christmas period. Nothing worse than being caught short on Christmas day.

I did a quick stop by the photo store on our way out but it was full of people getting photos printed so I decided to leave it. We have a boots in town, I just thought I’d use the one in Tesco’s as I was there at the time.

We loaded up that car and headed back home. Funnily Daly hadn’t even realised I’d been out shopping when I got home. He was still on nights so was just barely getting up when I made it home. We got in and I unloaded the shopping and tidied everything away in the kitchen.

The rest of the day was a pretty chilled one just getting the odd little bits ready for Christmas. Bella was quite happy playing and entertaining herself so I could get on.

As the afternoon went on Bella asked if she could open her advent calendar. Now we had completely forgotten yesterday even though we didn’t really do anything so it meant we had two doors to open today.

Behind the first door was a bauble to go on the tree

And behind the second was a sign for the North Pole.

It’s really cute she’s got so many toys to make up her little North Pole with Santa. I wonder what she will find behind tomorrows door.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

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