Blogmas – Christmas Nails – 22nd December 2019

I was a brave girl today. I went completely out of my comfort zone and rang up the nail salon I go to to book an appointment to get my nails redone for Christmas. I had thought about going tomorrow but with family coming I didn’t know if I’d be able to get back in time.

Now a simple phone call to book an appointment doesn’t seem like a huge issue. But I hate talking on the phone, whether it’s me ringing someone or someone ringing me. The only person I have ever felt comfortable talking to on the phone or calling was mum. I don’t even like talking to Daly on the phone and I’m married to him. I used to get mum to ring up and book my hair appointments and even booking doctor appointments I have to be dying to book one. I loved the fact our doctors had online appointments, shame we have a different doctors now.

Now my nails had not survived too well this time around. I have no idea why. I’d had already gone and got them repaired two days after I had them done due to chipping nail varnish but it had happened now on two more nails and I refused to have chipped nails over Christmas.

So because of the amount of people who would be wanting their Christmas nails done I had rung up for an appointment rather than chancing it and walking in to see if they have any space like normal. Luckily they had a little bit of space this afternoon so I managed to get an appointment for 3.15pm. Now Daly is still on nights at the moment. Although I get my nails done in the same town that he works but I didn’t want to force him to get up and ready for work 2 hours before his shift starts. So instead I was going to get the train over.

I asked Liam if he was happy to watch Bella if I wasn’t home before Daly went to work. I didn’t want to have to take her with me and make her sit in the pram while I had my nails done. He said of course and I headed off to catch the train. I like using the train and bus to get places – Bella loves it because it’s a mini adventure for her and I like it because when I’m on my own I can listen to my music.

I walked into town listening to my music. I wanted a drink so I stopped in Costa on my way. My friend Char was working so I had a quick chat with her while she made my drink. She told me her sister was getting her nails done as well so I might see her. I gave her a hug, wished her Happy Christmas and set off on my way.

I got to the station, bought my ticket and waited for my train to turn up. It was a bit cold but luckily I had my Latte to keep me warm. Does anyone else like holding their hot drinks until it feels like their hands are burning when it’s cold? I love that it feels like if I burn my hands at least the rest of me is slightly warming up. I know I’m weird.

Eventually my train turned up and I was on my way. Luckily it’s not too long a train ride. I mean I’m not going to go half way across the county to get my nails done. Once we stopped I made it off the train and walked through town down to the nail salon. It was very busy. Like I thought everyone was getting their nails done for Christmas. Even though I had booked an appointment it was still very busy and I had to wait until someone was free.

I eventually managed to get myself into a seat. I was first seen but someone who they were either training, had roped into help or just wasn’t too experienced. I’m not knocking them but they had only been given the responsibility of filing off the previous gel. Once he had filed of all the gel I moved onto another girl who then shaped my nails and redid the acrylic.

I was too fond of her though. She did the reshaping and acrylic fine but when it came to painting my nails she was beginning to be a bit funny. She did my right hand fine. Two coats of gel polish well applied on each nail and remembering to turn the UV light on. But when it came to my left hand I was less than impressed. Firstly she kept forgetting to turn the UV light on or insisting to only place my hand under for a couple of seconds rather than the full time. At one point I had to tell her she’d put my hand under the UV light but hadn’t turned it on. She had only put one coat of gel on and not very well at that. When she started to go over with the clear coat she noticed that on my thumb she had put it on so badly there was a line of plain nail going through the middle. She huffed when she noticed and put on a new coat.

Then when she put clear on my nails my middle nail had bobbled where the paint wasn’t dried properly but she made out it was my fault. She told me to be careful putting my hand under the UV light not to hit it on the top as that was causing the bobbles and shody paint job. She even showed my crap nail job to the technician next to her saying how I wasn’t being careful and she’d have finished if I didn’t keep messing them up. I was not impressed.

Luckily she’s not a regular technician in the salon. If she was I would have certainly left a review about how badly my nails had been done and everything had been made out to be my fault. I figured she had been called into help with the business and at the end of a long day she had lost her concentration leading to all the mistakes. Thankful when I left everything had been sorted and my nails didn’t look as bad as they could have. I’m just hoping I get my normal nail technician when I go into to get them done next month.

I’m not knocking the salon as my nails are always lovely and they always manage to do what I ask. I just think this one girl dropped the ball and couldn’t take responsibility for what had happened. Anyways I happily left with my new Christmas nails. I had been chatting with my friend Joe while I was getting my nails done. He had offered to give me a lift home so I didn’t have to catch the train back. Only problem was he was driving back from London so I had to wait for a little bit.

To pass the I walked round to the Co-op to pick up a box off biscuits for a Christmas present – I mean a box of shortbread is my go to gift for people. Joe was still a bit a way and he’d told me he needed to pick up Jess so I told him I would start to walk that way and I’d meet him along the route someway.

He caught me about a ten minute walk away from Jess. I jumped in the car and then we drove round to get Jess. It was nice to see the pair of them. I haven’t really seen or heard from them much in the last month or so with everything being busy. We got Jess and then drove me home. As we drove we chatted about how things were and what we’d been up to.

When I got home Liam was surprised I was home so early. I’m guessing he’d expected me to be gone a lot longer. Rachel had been as good as gold for him. He always says he barely hears from her when he watches her. She’s so well behaved and quiet.

Of course we had to open Bella’s advent calendar. Behind today’s door was an elf. So Santa now has an elf and a reindeer. He seems to be getting ready for Christmas.

Not my best trip to the nail salon but I still left with pretty nails.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

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