Blogmas – Christmas Day – 25th December 2019


I woke up quite early. I think I was freaking out about cooking Christmas dinner. Bella however was not waking up. In the end I woke her up. For half an hour I sat on the floor next to her bed playing with her stocking while she was trying to wake up and telling me about the TV and that Santa had left presents down stairs.

Eventually she noticed her stocking and got all excited. She opened it up and pulled out all the presents. She was amazed that Santa had left presents in her bedroom.

I persuaded Bella to bring her stocking into our bedroom so we could wake Daly up and we could all open our stockings together.

We woke Daly up and all cracked on with opening our stockings.

Bella loved finally being able to open some presents. She had a few cute little items in it and of course the Frozen theme carried on.

We eventually made our way down stairs from opening all our stocking presents and Bella was so excited to see all the presents under the tree. I showed her that Santa had definitely been as he’d drunk his drink and eaten his mince pie. Rodolph had also been as his carrot had been munched.

Daly popped off out to pick up Liam for Christmas dinner and I popped a Christmas film on for Bella to watch while I cracked on with dinner.

While everything was cooking I quickly redid the table, swapping out places and name places for today’s dinner. Daly and Liam returned and Daly moaned about the fact we weren’t opening presents. The thing is I am in the kitchen from 10am until 2pm cooking dinner so I don’t get any opportunity to open presents.

Eventually dinner was cooked and it was time to sit up to the table.

I wasn’t very happy with how a lot of bits of the dinner had turned out. My roast potatoes were dreadful. I’m determined to try better next year.

After we’d finished our dinner we all congregated in the living room. We gave Liam his stocking and then Daly shared out the presents. He made little piles of presents next to everyone except Bella. He left Bella’s presents under the tree so she could grab them and open them as she wished.

We all started opening our presents although I enjoyed myself watching everyone else open their presents. Bella ripped into a few presents under the tree.

However she was quite happy just playing with the ones she’d opened after opening three. She had no interest in the rest of the presents.

Daly’s parents turned up in the afternoon to do our gift exchange with them. We handed out our presents to Dawn and Grant and they handed out their presents from them and Daly’s Grandparents. So the next few photos are just of us gift exchanging with Daly’s side.

Bella enjoyed her present from Grandma and Grandad (Daly’s parents) They had bought her this really cool light up tablet board. I had been given a few hints but I thought they had bought her one of those magic water mats. It turns out it’s a tablet like board with neon pens so when you turn the light in the tablet on the ink lights up.

Soon Adam and Pige turned up and it was time for their gift exchange. Like every year Adam helped Bella unwrap her presents.

Now once all the presents were opened the boys were a bit bored while we waited for Adam and Paige to turn up so Daly and Grant decided they were going to build Daly’s Lego Technics he had got. Grant sat up at the dining room table and Daly on the floor in the living room (just to give a little context as to why Grant is sat at the dining room table in the photo below)

Adam and Paige had bought Bella a very cute walking unicorn. She discovered it didn’t work too great on the carpet but it worked very well on the laminate. She happily walked her little unicorn around the house. She seemed very happy with her present.

After a while it was time for everyone to head back home and we said our goodbyes. When everyone had left Bella happily led on the floor playing with her princess book she had received from Grandma and Grandad. Turns out that is definitely one of her favourite presents this year.

And us adults chilled out with a couple of drinks and some films on TV.

We had a lovely Christmas. Not everything went to plan but I tried. I’m glad we got to have a lovely day with Daly’s family.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

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