Blogmas – Christmas Eve – 24th December 2019

It’s Christmas Eve which means it’s Christmas with my sister and Oli. They are with Oli’s family for Christmas this year so we’d arranged to get together and have what was our family’s traditional boxing day dinner on Christmas Eve instead. Rachel was finishing work at 4pm and then they were going to come round at some point before dinner at 6.30pm.

Because of it being Boxing Day dinner – or what will now be our Christmas Eve dinner, it didn’t actually require much cooking. That meant I was able to spend time setting up the dining table and colour coding my glasses.I have pretty multi coloured glasses we had gotten as wedding presents and I thought Christmas Eve and Christmas was the perfect opportunity to use them. So I set the table with everyone having little bauble place names that mum used to have and then matched the glasses to the baubles as best I could. I was extremely proud of the table once I’d finished.

We were having baked potatoes with meat and vegetables for dinner and it is my favourite dinner of the year. I finished cooking all the vegetables and placed them into serving dishes then popped them on the table. Daly went round the table serving everyone with their meat. We all sat up to the table and tucked into the best meal of the year. I had given Bella my plate that I used to use when I went to my Grandparents. I have several Bunnikins plates and I felt Bella was at an age where she shouldn’t damage or break it.

We all enjoyed our dinner. Chatting and laughing. We cracked open all the crackers with Oli loving his paper hat. We all shared our jokes and tried the charades that were in the crackers. I felt my charade was a bit ironic as I had Spiderman and I have a huge crush on Tom Holland.

Once dinner was over we moved on to sitting in the living room to share presents out. But first I gave Bella her Christmas Eve box. Inside she had a drinks cup, some chocolate coins, a Christmas book and of course some pyjamas. And finally her stocking.

Oli decided he was going to play Santa with his wonky hat. Now I’m not going to comment on everything and present that was shared out. Instead enjoy the Christmassy photos.

Now Daly’s last present from Rachel and Oli was a signed Ipswich Town crest with all the football player signatures from 20. He was extremely happy with that.

And Rachel’s last present from us was a Harry Potter cushion. Well actually it was a cushion made from one of mum’s favourite t-shirts. Rachel was thrilled with it. I was so glad I was able to give it to her now. I had wanted to do it for her birthday this year but I just hadn’t got round to it.

We were truly spoilt by Oli and Rachel. Now Daly wanted to watch White Christmas with Bella before bed so before that we sorted out goodies for Santa before we settled down. Bella gave Santa a bottle of Asahi, a mince pie and a carrot for Rudolph.

I said goodbye to Oli and Rachel while Daly and Bella snuggled down on the sofa to watch White Christmas. I was glad Daly was able to share this Christmas tradition with Bella, even if she did fall asleep while watching it.

Once the film was over I took Bella up to bed and sorted hanging the stockings up in the bedrooms. It’s now time for bed ready to see what Santa brings us in the morning.

Until next time

Love CiCi x

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