Blogmas – The Family came to Visit – 23rd December 2019

Today my uncle and aunty came to visit. Like I said yesterday I had thought about getting my nails done but I went and got that done yesterday to prevent me rushing around today. I did however end up popping into town this morning to print off photos for Dawn’s Christmas present.

During all the tidying Bella opened up her advent calendar. It was an exciting item behind the door. Today Bella received Santa’s sleigh. She was very excited about it.

Bella had fun putting Santa in the sleigh. We discovered that it was possible to attach the reindeer to the sleigh by hooking it to the reindeer’s tail. You did have to be careful though as it was very easy to knock the sleigh off. Bella did end up getting a bit frustrated. I had to show her that she needed to be gentle with it.

Once she’d finished with her sleigh and the reindeer, she found her giant floor piano. I swear she knows when I’m trying to keep the house tidy. She finds all her toys and decides she wants them all out. So her giant piano ended up out across the floor with her running across it and turning the demo track up loud so I couldn’t hear my music on Spotify.

Now Bella has recently gotten into having cereal for breakfast. Which is extremely brave of me. I hate giving Bella cereal for breakfast. I think it’s so messy. But anyway I had given Bella cereal for breakfast. Now she seemed to have liked it so much that she wanted some more, but instead of asking me for some more she headed into the kitchen and came back with the box. Now I fully support independence, so instead of interfering with her wanting more cereal I let her pour out some more for herself. Thankfully she decided to do this over the giant piano. She didn’t pour out too much cereal but she didn’t manage to get it all in the bowl.

Hats off to her independence. I was very proud of her. She sat and enjoyed her breakfast while I tidied up a little bit around the chaos Bella was creating.

I needed to pop into town quickly to do a job so Bella and I headed into town so we could get the picture we needed. This time I managed to print them off as well as some of Bella for my aunty and uncle.

Once we’d made it home, I pretty much spent the rest of my time just tidying and making sure the house looked ok. Having the house be disorganised and a mess makes me really anxious. I get this horrible feeling in my tummy and it doesn’t settle until I find something to calm it. I spent the rest of my day buzzing around tidying anything I could find and straightening up. It’s so bad having this nervous energy.

Daly sadly had to head off to work so he wasn’t around for when my aunty and uncle turned up. Rache turned up just before they turned up. We settled into the living to wait for them with Bella happily entertaining herself with her FiFi and the Flowertops house. She had found all her Frozen figures so that’s who she was playing with in the house.

Soon the doorbell went and my uncle and aunt had turned up. We welcomed them. My aunty instantly shared out the dutch goodies they bring us between Rachel and I. Rachel really likes Stroopwafles so I happily gave them up to her. Daly and I received a box of yummy Belgium chocolates. I offered everyone a drink and headed off to the kitchen to pop the kettle on. Once I made our tea I headed back into the living room so we could all sit down and get on with catching up.

My aunty and uncle had bought Bella a couple of presents for Christmas. She had a largish one to put under the tree and she was also given a little one she could open now. Bella was pretty excited to be able to open a present. She has had several under the tree for the last few weeks/days but they were for Christmas day. So she jumped right into ripping open the small package.

Inside were a couple of books. Now Bella loves books so she is always happy to receive some. She had received one book telling her the Easter story which my uncle pointed out it was obviously the wrong time of the year. And the second book was a book about the bible in general. Once she’d opened the present she went back to playing with her toys and we all went back to chatting and catching up on everything from the last year. We don’t see each other often due to life circumstances and distance as they live in Holland.

While the grown ups were talking Bella raided her playroom and returned with a jigsaw. She’s normally pretty good with simple jigsaws but a massive floor jigsaw is pretty difficult for her.

So to help her out I completed the main part of the jigsaw and then left Bella to insert all the vehicles. It was a massive construction site jigsaw so there were lots of construction vehicle to insert. My aunt helped her place in the vehicles so it was lovely to see Bella interact with her Great aunt. It’s lovely how she is willing to play with members of the family she rarely sees and feels so comfortable with them.

Sadly they soon had to head off but it was ok. They were heading back to the hotel they were staying at to pick up our cousin, who had been revising for her university exams, and then they were returning and we were all going out for dinner.

Rachel headed home as well to meet up with Oli and then they were coming back to pick Bella and I up. We had thought about dressing up for the meal but in the end we all decided we were going to go as we were. There’s nothing wrong with comfort.

It was soon time to get ourselves sorted and Oli and Rachel came and picked us up. We made our way to the restaurant and met up with my uncle, aunt and cousin at the bar while we were waiting for someone to show us to our table. We were soon seated round by the play area and we were able to sit down and get round to ordering. Bella was very excited to go into the play area but I have a rule for her. She has to wait until everyone at the table has chosen and ordered their drinks and meals and then she can go to the play area. Obviously I’m a bit more lenient when she’s with her cousins.

To keep Bella occupied my aunt had bought her a sticker book for her to play with. I was a really cool book, it was full of stickers with dog themed scenes to make. She happily sat at the table and I helped her choose the stickers while we all chose our orders for my uncle to go up to the bar and order.

Once we’d ordered Bella was allowed to head off into the soft play. She ran off and it was time for adults to talk. We all chatted and it gave a chance for Rachel and I to talk to my cousin while our aunt and uncle chatted with Oli. I was very happy to not be driving it meant I was allowed to have a drink. Now it wasn’t a full on drink though. I had a rose spritzer rather than just a glass of rose.

We had had crackers placed on the table so as a bit of fun we decided to crack them. I really liked the crackers they were full recyclable crackers and inside were little wooden decorations. So we all had a lovely time trying to complete the jokes and it was lovely to be around family having a nice Christmas meal and having lots of fun.

I tried to wear my paper hat but I have major issues wearing them when my hair is done. They constantly slip off my head. Anyways. our food soon turned up and we tucked into our meals. Once we’d finished we decided we all wanted some desserts. Oli had gotten up from the table and my uncle went to order so I felt very lonely at the end of the table on my own. So instead I stole Oli’s chair and sat next to my cousin so we could chat. For some reason when we go out for meals with this side of the family we end up playing musical chairs. It’s quite nice though it means we’re able to talk to each other.

Soon the desserts turned up. I’d ordered a yummy After Eight Sunday and it was yummy.

I’d ordered Bella some strawberry ice cream. She wasn’t too happy about coming out of the soft play but once she saw it was ice cream she cheered up. She happily sat next to me munching away while wearing my Christmas hat.

It was lovely seeing my family and especially a nice treat for them to take us out for dinner. It’s a shame we don’t see them very often but it doesn’t seem like it’s been that much time before visits. Hopefully there’s not such a gap between visits next time

Until next time

Love CiCi x

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