Off to see Frozen II – 29th December 2019

After a Frozen Christmas Bella has been driving me loopy wanting to constantly watch Frozen on the TV. So to cure my sanity I decided to arrange to take Bella to the cinema to see Frozen II.

We don’t have one of those big chain cinemas in our town or even the next town either. But we do have a little independent cinema. I had checked the times yesterday and found out that our little town cinema was showing Frozen II at 12. So of course we did our normal routine of having breakfast and getting dressed. Now Bella still had a few presents under the tree and I knew one was very appropriate for today. I hunted around under the tree for a bit and by giving each of her presents a good feel I managed to find the present I was looking for.

I gave the present to Bella just before we were leaving and told her to open it. She’d been singing ‘Let it go’ all morning so I thought this present would make her very happy.

Inside the present was an Elsa doll with a microphone. When you press Elsa’s diamond necklace she sings ‘Let it go’ if you hold the microphone up to her and then you can sing into it as well. So you and Elsa take turns singing. It had two different modes so if you switch it to the other mode Elsa encourages you to sing with her and just sings the chorus.

It was time for us to go to the cinema. Now Daly was at work so we were walking into town. I wrapped Bella up in her new fluffy coat and she decided Elsa was coming with us. Bella was very excited to go to the cinema to see Elsa.

We took the long walk down to the cinema with Bella and I chatting to each other. It was pretty cold outside but thankfully walking managed to keep me warm. I was a bit worried about Bella though just sitting in the pram. The whole way I kept asking her if she was ok and apparently she was.

We eventually made it to the cinema and headed up the millions of stairs to the entrance. Our cinema is on top of the Bingo hall. We made our way over to the ticket stand and I paid for our tickets. I also grabbed me a drink. I had made sure I had Bella’s bottle with me but I always manage to forget myself.

We parked the pram up outside the theatre and then we walked in to find a seat. Bella decided she wanted to sit right at the front today so we settled into a mini row of three seats and waited for the film to start. Bella sat in her seat snuggled up with Elsa.

While we were sitting for the film I realised Elsa had lost a shoe on the way down. I tried not to freak out – I hate losing things. I didn’t let it ruin the film though. I figured it might be in the pram and if not we would just trace the way we came and see if we can find it on the route.

The film was really good. A little confusing in parts but I think that’s because you always go into a film with an idea of the story from the trailer. But even though it wasn’t the film I thought it was going to be it was still good. Bella was a bit of a fidget throughout the film. Up and down from her seat. In the end she settled sitting on the steps next to me. I wasn’t happy about it but she was at least sitting down and I could easily grab her out of anyone’s way.

After the film I thought we’d pop in to town and get some lunch. We wandered up the High Street and I popped into a few shops on the way but didn’t really pick up anything. We headed to Costa for lunch. Of course I was going to get my girl a gingerbread man. We went in and ordered our lunch and drinks and Bella wanted to sit at a table in the corner.

I ordered my usual Costa of a Latte and a tea cake and sat down with Bella. We chatted about the film and what Bella liked.

We finished our lunch and then walked back home the way we had come. As we walked I kept the eye out for Elsa’s shoe. Amazingly I found it on the pavement a few meters away from the cinema. I was so happy we managed to find it. No need to panic about lost things. I could relax.

We had a wonderful time today at the cinema. I do love Bella and I’s little mummy daughter days. I’m glad we’re able to do that rather than just be at home all the time. It’s nice to share things and experiences with her.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what our next adventure is.

Love CiCi x

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