Date Night at Leeds Castle – 4th January 2020

Last night Daly rang me and told me we were going out tonight and to not worry he had already arranged a babysitter.I had mentioned to him a few days I wanted to go out on a date where I had to dress up. I’ve got quite a few nice dresses and I never have a chance to wear them. So because of that Daly has arranged something for tonight. I just knew I needed to be ready by 6.30pm.

Where I said so long to get ready I took a nice chilled out day taking my time to have a bath and do my hair. While I was doing all this Daly and Liam went out shopping this afternoon and when they came back Daly handed me a large bunch of flowers. Now Daly never buys me flowers. If I’m lucky I might get some flowers for Valentines or our anniversary but never for a date or anything. So that was a very pleasant surprise.

They were very pretty flowers. Not a type of bunch that I’d think he would buy me. They were bright roses in orange and pink with white ones and also a lot of lilies. I sorted them out and placed them in a vase and placed that on the table.

Daly had a shower to get ready and got dressed and then chilled out on the sofa. I had done my hair and then I went and got dressed. I wanted to wear my little black dress that my mum had bought me for my birthday a few years ago. I tried it on for my birthday last year but Daly did’t like it and the ruffles didn’t go with my birthday sash. However tonight I wanted to wear my black dress. I like it so I was going to wear it. I put the dress on and then wore my oversized black cardigan so Daly couldn’t see what I was wearing. Not that it mattered because he didn’t seem to notice me walking round the house at all.

I sat in the dining room to do my make up and then spent a good 30 minutes trying to put on a necklace and a pair of earrings. Oh man it is a struggle with my acrylic nails. I eventually was ready – dress on, jewelry on, hair done, make up done, shoes on and it was time to go.

I truly have the sweetest daughter ever though. Before Daly saw me, Bella saw me. She was sitting up to the table having dinner with Liam. She actually stopped eating her dinner and just stared at me going ‘Wow!’ She even put her hand over her mouth to show her surprise. She then stopped and just went ‘Mummy you look beautiful!’ I was blown away but her reaction. It was so sweet.

Daly and I said our goodbyes to Liam and Bella and got into the car. Now it was pretty cold tonight. Thank god for heated seats. Daly typed the address into the SAT NAV. He was still trying to hide where we were going from me. He wanted to surprise me. I hadn’t question where he was going to take me. I knew we were going out for dinner but that was it but I was happy to just find out where we were going when we got there. With the SAT NAV set up all I knew was we were heading towards Maidstone. Daly kept asking me to guess but I honestly had no idea.

Daly actually managed to keep it a surprise right up to actually arriving at our destination. The only place I knew was near by was Leeds Castle. The thing was I didn’t think that could be the destination as Leeds Castle was closed. Daly was extremely impressed I still had no idea. We pulled up though an arched gate and up to a barrier where Daly had to push a buzzer to be let in. Once we were let through the barrier and I still wasn’t sure Daly told me to look through the windscreen and in front of us was Leeds Castle.

I was still extremely confused. I didn’t understand why we were at somewhere that was closed. I mean it looked pretty with all the lights but I still didn’t get it. We parked up in a car park and Daly explained to me that we had a booking at the Castle View Restaurant. Still a little bit confused as I didn’t realise there was such a thing but it was fun being in such a pretty venue and not being too sure what was going on.

We had turned up half an hour before our booking so we sat in the table and Daly showed me a copy of the menu to look at before we went out in the cold.

We decided to brave the cold and head towards or try and find the restaurant. We were a little confused where we had to go but we knew we had parked in the right place so it was time to follow the signs and see where they would lead us.

Our first direction was to head through a little arch way into a garden.

Even though it was so dark, it was so pretty walking along the little lights coming out from the bottom of the bushes.

We followed the park and then headed through another arch way into the courtyard. I instantly spotted the massive Christmas tree covered in lights as well as a cute lamppost. I’m an absolute sucker for a cute lamppost. I insisted Daly took my photo with the lamppost. I mean I couldn’t pass up the photo op.

From the courtyard we headed round the corner and were faced with Leeds Castle across the moat. We were a little bit away from the actual moat but the view was gorgeous. We followed the directions which lead us alongside the moat towards steps that lead up to the restaurant.

We climbed up the steps and were faced with this beautiful sight …

We took a few photos in front of the castle and then headed inside the restaurant. It was very fancy. We walked in and we immediately seated by the window so we could have a beautiful view of the castle. The service was amazing. The waitress took our coats and asked if we wanted any water for the table. And whether we wanted still or sparkling. I haven’t been to a restaurant like this in years so it was nice.

We had a look at the drinks menus and then at the food menu to see what we were actually going to order. Daly had told me not to worry about the prices of things but this is me, money makes me freak out. But I kind of obliged. When it came to order drinks I ordered a medium glass was rose that was more expensive than a lot of the bottles of rose I buy.

Then it was on to ordering our dinner. We had both mentioned having the gammon. There was a note under it that said it was quite large so ideal to share. We decided to go for that and share it with some extra sides. The waiter came over to take our order. I didn’t really want to order for us but the waiter said ladies first so I kind of had no choice. I ordered our food and Daly and I each chose a side to have with it. Once the food was ordered we sat and chatted about various dates we’d had over the years while looking out over the castle.

When our food turned up it was huge. We had a huge gammon joint to share between the pair of us. It came with paisley mash potato (which was amazing) and winter roasted vegetables. Daly had ordered a side of chips for him and I had ordered maple bacon carrots.

The food was brilliant. It definitely was big enough to share. We couldn’t even finish it between us. The food was wonderful, the service was wonderful, the drinks were wonderful and I suppose the company was wonderful lol. We had a really nice night at the Castle View Restaurant. It was an amazing surprise and a true treat.

Daly asked me if I wanted to have dessert but I decided that instead of their fancy desserts I just wanted a boring McFlurry from McDonalds. We settled our bill and then the waiter went and retrieved our coats. I was surprised he knew which ones were ours as he hadn’t been the one to seat us but I’m guessing they have a method to keep track of them all. He even helped me put my coat on which through me. I actually ended up punching Daly in the stomach.

We left the restaurant and walked back along the route back to the car. I had to stop and take some more photos of the castle as we walked. It was just so pretty.

We made our way back to the car and then set off home via a McDonalds for my McFlurry. It was an amazing night. A true surprise. I might have to let Daly arrange our date nights from now on if he’s going to do this well. I suppose I’ll have to see if he wants to plan one next month and find out what he has up his sleeve.

Night all, and let’s see what adventures we have next.

Love CiCi x

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