Princess Aurora for the day – 15th January 2020

Today we had a film day. Bella has been really into watching Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and the Little Mermaid. Bella really wanted to dress up in her Sleeping Beauty dress and be a princess while watching princess films.

She got herself dressed up in her dress and then decided that Aurora needed her make up done. First up she chose some accessories. She found her rings and a pink necklace to go with her pretty pink dress. Next up was nail varnish. She wanted green nails today for some reason. Not sure why as the purple she originally picked was very pretty but she wanted green in the end. I painted her nails the pretty green she had chosen.

I taught Bella to blow her nails after we painted them to try to dry them. She sat on her little chair waving her hands and blowing her nails. It was so cute.

Once I’d painted her nails we moved on to face make up. Bella has some highlighter that I originally bought for me but she claimed it. So I popped someone her cheek bones and then she asked for some eye shadow on. She chose the pink eye shadow. I did her make up and then she was ready.

We enjoyed a nice chilled afternoon enjoying Disney films. I quite enjoyed it as I managed to finally see the Little Mermaid 2. Bella really wasn’t impressed though when I rewound part of the film because I had missed it being in the kitchen. I really am a big kid at heart.

I couldn’t be bothered to cook dinner tonight. I’ve been craving burgers recently and I finally gave into my cravings. I first looked into ordering via Just Eat from one of the takeaways in town. But after looking through and seeing all the prices it seemed a bit pricey for the four of us so then I looked at the McDonalds app and also how much it would cost to get dinner delivered by Uber eats. In the end I decided it was going to be cheaper to just go and get our dinner ourselves. I did order via the app though. It meant I was able to get Liam’s order and work our what we all wanted without having to remember it all at the drive thru.

Daly and I went off to McDonalds to go pick up our dinner while Liam watched Bella. I realised just as we pulled up to McDonalds I realised I hadn’t got Bella’s order right, I had ordered the wrong drink. I had forgotten to check the order from previous times. Luckily you are able to edit your order on the app so I was able to correct it quickly before we put our order through the drive thru.

We received our orderly quickly and headed back home. When we got home we laid the food out on the floor like a picnic and tucked in. I had been a bit of a greedy guts. I’d ordered a large big tasty with bacon meal and a box of 20 chicken nuggets. Man my craving was bad.

It turns out I ended up sharing my box of 20 chicken nuggets with Bella. Some times she has quite an appetite.

We continued our evening of enjoying each others company. Daly and Liam went on the PlayStation to play their game while Bella and I played with her bus and her princesses.

We had a nice day just chilling at home and playing princesses.

Night all and let’s see what adventures we have next

Love CiCi x

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