Ballet and a Baby Free Night – 16th January 2020

It’s a Thursday so we all know that means it’s ballet day. We got up and dressed. Bella wasn’t ready to go straight to ballet though, instead she found her gymnastics ribbon and wanted to do some dancing first. Like always with Bella, she asked me to take photos of her dancing. It seems to be the only time I’m really allowed to take her photos and she asks.

We eventually finished with the ribbon and were able to go out to the car. Bella wanted to carry her own backpack although she got a bit annoyed when I told her she needed to take her backpack off so she could sit in her car seat. She’s really taken to wanting to carry her own backpack. She will even carry her nursery backpack from the car into nursery.

We made it to ballet and headed into the hall. This week Bella couldn’t work out where she wanted to sit. Eventually she chose a spot and also made friends with a new girl who had turned up to the class. They were running around together. It was nice that Bella was so welcoming.

We had another pretty calm ballet session. Bella listened and joined in well. She remembered the actions to Incy Wincy Spider and joined in nicely with everyone singing. After Incy Wincy Spider we played peek a boo with the scarfs. Normally Bella doesn’t join in too much. She normally ends up trying to lay the scarf out and making sure she has the right corners to hold but this week she was shouting BOO! along with the rest of the girls.

The next activity was to follow Miss Paige around on tip toes. It turns out Bella is pretty good at keeping on her tip toes but as soon as the class is told to follow Miss Paige around the room Bella has to be at the front. Funnily enough today it didn’t seem such an issue that Bella wasn’t at the front, she was just happy joining in today.

After being tip toe fairies we tried galloping like last week. Bella was a little better this week and tried really hard. She may have been a little slow as she side stepped her feet together but she gave it a good go and stuck with it. Next up was jumping. Surprisingly Bella lasted two rounds of jumping before she had had enough and wanted to sit down in our spot.

Before Twinkl came out for the final part of the session the shakers were back. Bella followed Miss Paige’s instructions and completed all the actions including shaking near to the floor, high in the sky and even knocking the shakers together.

It was now time to grab a Twinkl and say goodbye to class. Bella waited patiently for her Twinkl and then brought it to sit with me. Again Bella followed instructions nicely and did what Miss Paige said. She did get a little distressed when all the teddies were in a circle and then one of them got moved out of the circle. There are times Bella seems to have a little bit of an obsessive side to her and likes everything to be perfect.

With ballet finished it was home for lunch, get changed and then head off to nursery.

After nursery Bella wanted to dress up as Sleeping Beauty. I had told her that was fine as she had been asking all day but she hadn’t been able to dress up yet. She put her Sleeping Beauty dress on and asked for the giant bow to be put in her hair again along with a crown.

Bella was off for a sleepover at Grandma and Grandads tonight. And of course it doesn’t matter if she goes in her princess dress which she was very happy about. Daly was taking her over to his parents on his way to work so Bella and I had a little chill time watching TV before she went.

I’ve been currently watching the Netflix show Alexa and Katie and really liking it. If you have no idea what it’s about it’s about two teenage best friends and one of them has cancer and it’s sort of how she’s adjusting to school and trying to get her life back together after having chemo all summer. Now that is not really a spoiler, I think that covers maybe the first five minutes of episode one season one. It’s really good. Well I say that it’s started to get a bit heavy – but it hasn’t. I don’t if it’s because I’ve now watched the whole of the first two seasons and I’m now on to season three and maybe it’s a bit too much cancer talk for me and it’s kinda hitting a nerve. I mean to the point I’ve actually had to turn the TV off mid watching and find something happier (even though it’s a teen sitcom, so it’s not even depressing, it just seems to be getting to me)

Anyways Daly took Bella off to Dawn and Grants and I was officially baby free for 24 hours or toddler free. I spent my evening watching rubbish TV and drinking wine. It was nice to just have an evening for me and tomorrow I have a whole day.

Night all, and let’s see what adventures are up next.

Love CiCi x

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