Birthday Present Shopping – 22nd January 2020

This morning I once again had a plan. Yeah that didn’t really go to plan. My main aim for today was to sort out Bella’s place room. It has become a dumping ground again with all her toys. It was going to be a bit of a mission but I decided to give it ago. As you can see I had a bit of a task ahead of me.

I managed to tidy quite a bit, I mean I can now open the door into the room so that means I can keep an eye on Bella playing while I cook dinner easier. I suppose a little bit of progress is better than no progress especially when I’m having to attempt to get this house ready to be valued.

Now the problem of tidying Bella’s playroom is she sees all her toys and wants to play with them all. I managed to sort out all her babies and baby items so they can be easily got to and put away with minimal chaos. But because I had sorted them out Bella wanted to play with them. She ended up playing with her Ariel doll and various accessories.

As well as playing with her dolls she also found the foam shapes that she had got for Christmas. We laid them all out and pieced them all together. Bella argued with me whether they were numbers or letters but it turns out she does have a pretty good recognition of numbers. When we asked her to find certain numbers she was able to do it.

As well as some number recognition we also made some jigsaws. Bella found the jigsaw Nathan had bought her last Christmas. Considering we hadn’t had the jigsaws out for ages she still knew how to put them all together. She is a bright little cookie.

Daly ended up waking up early ish today and was off work which meant I was able to head into town to try to and find these birthday presents that have been driving me loopy. I got myself ready to head out, made sure I had plenty of bags and then said goodbye to Daly and Bella.

I set off out and walked into town. As I was heading out of our close I spotted the bushes looked very pretty. I couldn’t work out how. They looked all sparkly and as if they had tinsel flecks on them. On a closer look I discovered there lots of tiny spider webs dotted across the bushes and they were covered in dew drops. They looked so pretty. I thought to myself I really should get my camera out at some point so I can take some proper photos.

I actually had a pretty successful shopping trip. I managed to get all the errands I needed to do, done. I even managed to come up with present ideas and complete them. It took me a little bit of time but by the time Daly rang me to ask if I wanted a lift home I had completed everything. I mean I had to pop into Sainsbury’s to pick up a last item for each present.

I ran in and grabbed my last little pieces and then waited for Daly in the loading area outside. It turns out he wasn’t as ready as I though he was to pick me up. I waited outside listening to my music and singing to myself.

Daly eventually turned up blaring out his music. Apparently he had gotten a few weird looks as he drove over and I have to say I am not surprised. We quickly headed to Food Warehouse to grab some crisps for his parents. He was heading over there to get his hair done. We got the crisps and then Daly dropped me home. Liam had looked after Bella for us briefly while Daly picked me up.

When I got dropped off I decided to wrap Leanne’s birthday presents ready to see her on Friday. Bella wanted to help me but I’m so fussy about wrapping. Once I’d finished I felt they needed a little bit extra. I managed to resist though. I didn’t end up putting any bows on them or ribbons. Instead I just put them all in a nice pink bag for Leanne.

I then moved on to Rachel’s present. Rachel skipped forward if you don’t want to see what I’ve got you. In fact just stop reading and move on lol you’ll get your present soon.

I decided to make a goodie basket for Rachel with bits for her to pamper herself with and some of her favourite items. I love doing things like this for peoples birthdays, I just think it’s more personal. Especially as I tailor them to each person I make them for. Once all the items were placed in the basket I wrapped it up with the plastic and sent Rachel a message to let her know her present was ready for her.

Once I finished wrapping the presents we chilled out for a little bit upstairs. We were waiting for Daly to get home with our dinner. As he was coming home late he was picking up dinner on his way home. While I was upstairs with Bella we heard the door bell go. I guessed it wasn’t Daly, he has his own key but I did think it was Rachel.

Turns out I was wrong. Instead of Rachel at the door it was my nextdoor neighbour. She had been having a sort out of her daughters toys and had come round to give some of them to Bella. As soon as I saw what was in her hands I knew Bella was going to be over the moon. Our neighbour had brought round a doctors kit, perfect for a little girl always watching Doc McStuffin at the moment, a toy hoover and a Cinderella dress. Bella was over the moon. As soon as we’d said goodbye to our neighbour she wanted the dress on.

So I had Cinderella cleaning my living room this evening.

I’m so glad I managed to complete these Birthday presents, It’s been driving me loopy. Hopefully I see both girlies soon so I can hand them over and I really hope they like them.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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