A Busy Thursday – 23rd January 2020

It’s Thursday which means ballet first thing in the morning. Nowe we have finally managed to get pretty good at waking up early in the morning. Bella and I were both up by 8.30am this morning. I surprisingly didn’t feel too bad either. Normally if I wake up early I feel awful. I have headaches and feel sick but this morning I actually felt pretty good.

Bella and I headed downstairs and had our breakfast. I’m trying hard to get into the habit of eating breakfast. The problem is eating when I first wake up makes me feel sick. So a little breakfast is at least a start towards breakfast. Once breakfast was out of the way, we got dressed and I packed her ballet bag. Even once we were dress and had breakfast we still had 10 minutes before we had to leave. Bella decided this was a perfect time to practice her dancing.

It was eventually time to leave so we gathered up Bella’s bag popped on our coats and jumped in the car. For some reason the drive to ballet took forever, it seemed like the slowest drive ever. We made it to ballet and parked up. Bella tried to run into the ballet hall but I had to shout at her to stop. She was about to run head long across a car park with no regard to any cars coming in. I really don’t want her to get squished by a car.

We finally made it in to the hall and said hello. Once in class we popped on Bella’s ballet she chose a coloured square to sit on. She found her spot and we settled down. Now I was hoping Bella was going to be focused and join in beautifully and she did for the first half of the class.

She enjoyed joining in with her good toes and naughty toes, showing them to her teacher and answering questions. Then we did Incy Wincy Spider, Bella really enjoys this one. She did insist on me joining in too. Little bit hard when she was sitting on my lap and wanting to see me do the actions in front of her, I mean she’s not as little as she used to be.

Next up was peek a boo. Normally they do this activity with the scarfs but today they were to use their knees. Bella went and sat next to Miss Paige to help demonstrate how to do it. First they hard to curl up into a ball behind their knees and then they hard to spring open like a star fish. Once Bella had helped demonstrate she moved to the middle of the class so she could face Miss Paige and join in with the rest of the girls.

After peek a boo and another activity (which completely has abandoned my brain while writing this) Miss Paige brought out the parachute. Bella was very excited as soon as she saw it. She quickly grabbed the handle and joined in with the rest of the girls waving the parachute up and down.

Her happiness soon depleted though. She wanted to run under the parachute but that wasn’t her task for the time being. I ended up hanging on to Bella so she couldn’t disappear under the parachute. Miss Paige had noticed that Bella was pulling against me and asked what was wrong. When I told her Bella wanted to go under the parachute she reassured Bella that she could go under it in a minute.

Soon that time came and Bella was so excited that she could run under the parachute while us adults waved the parachute up and down.

Now that was the good half of the class but then it went down hill. We had the jumping activity next. Now we all know how this normally goes, Bella joins in once and then doesn’t want to join in. Well today their activity was to jump 5 spots then crawl through the tunnel and then jump 5 more spots. Bella happily completed this task once but on the second time through the tunnel she decided she was going to try and shut herself in the tunnel. I wasn’t having that so I picked her up to take her back to the beginning so we could try again. Sadly I managed to catch her with my nail and she was obviously still tired so that resulted in tears.

And unfortunately the tears continued for the rest of the session. The second to last activity of the day involved the shakers. But this time instead of each child having two shakers they were to collect a pair but then give one to their adult. Bella didn’t like that at all. We had lots of tears even though I tried to encourage her what to do. When it came time to pack them away Bella wanted to put both shakers away but Miss Paige wanted us to put our own away. Once we’d finally managed to get the shakers put away it was time to find Twinkl.

Bella went and collected her Twinkl and then followed all the instructions to put Twinkl to bed. Thankfully there were no more tears although I felt very stressed by the end of the session. My anxiety had got to a point that because Bella had been in tears in class I felt like I’d been a bad mum and I was extremely tearful on the drive home. Luckily I was heading home to have a counselling assessment.

When we got home I sorted Bella out some lunch, found her some clothes for nursery and then made sure Daly was up. He was taking Bella to nursery so I could just focus on my counselling.

Once my counselling session had ended I set about cleaning the kitchen, it gave me something to focus on. Liam and Daly came home to find me bleaching everything in sight. When I’d finished bleaching everything I chilled out in the living room for a bit before Daly and I went to collect Bella from nursery. We were going to see Cathy after nursery to pick up the hoses for her Vax that she had leant us but I wanted to go just so I could have a hug.

I went and met Bella in nursery and then we jumped into the car with Daly and headed off. Bella was happily sat in the back enjoying a lolly she had received as she’d left nursery. We got to Cathy’s and all went into say hello. As soon as we got into Cathy’s house Bella wanted to build a jigsaw puzzle that she had in the cupboard of toys there. So I sat on the floor and built the jigsaw. I found it really hard as I was trying to build it side on so all the pieces looked funny. Once I’d finished the jigsaw Cathy and I enjoyed a cup of tea and had a chat while Bella and Nathan enjoyed crackers and watched TV.

Sadly we soon had to say our goodbyes so we could go home and have some dinner. We had hugs and kisses to say goodbye and then headed on our way. Daly ended up carrying everything to the car. He wouldn’t have if Bella had walked or waited for me but they trotted off up the road together.

Although it’s only a short drive home from Cathy’s, Bella ended up falling asleep in the car on the drive home. She was still completely soundo by the time we got home. We popped her on the sofa so she could continue to sleep and then I hit the kitchen to do us all some dinner.

I had planned on cooking bangers and mash for dinner but I couldn’t be bothered to mash the potato and also sausages take so long to cook. In the end I cooked us a hotpot. I love just throwing everything in a pan and letting it all cook. It’s also nice as it’s a nice cosy meal.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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