Some Me Time and Some Us Time – 24th January 2020

Today is a me day but with a twist. Bella is off to her grandparents like normal. However she didn’t want to go, she wanted to stay at home and play so I told her she could take some of her toys with her. She also wanted to take her Cinderella dress. So I packed them all and put them to one side while we got ready.

As Daly was off he was coming with us, I was going into town to get my nails done and Bella was going to her Grandparents. Daly was going to drop Bella off and then come meet me in town and we were going to go for lunch. I had hoped to get out of the door by 10am but I was on a go slow morning. It always seems to be that way, so instead we ended up heading out at half 10. Bella wanted to wear her backpack so she headed out of the house to Daly wearing her little backpack while I made sure I had what I needed.

It turns out I hadn’t checked close enough, When Daly dropped me in town I headed round to the bank to get the cash out for my nails but my bank card wasn’t in my purse. Nope Daly had it. I messaged him to let him know and then wandered off to the nail salon to see if they had any space. Luckily they had space at half 11 so to kill the 30 minutes I had I took a walk around town.

Now recently I’ve been looking for a BB cream but it seems very few make up companies do them so I haven’t had much luck there. But I also needed a pressed powder as I prefer to use them for everyday use rather than a liquid foundation. Thankfully I managed to find one I liked. I bought that and then took a little wander up the town. I bought myself a drink and a snack and then checked my watch. I still had a couple of minutes to kill so I took a walk around the block. While I walked I sent Daly a text asking him to meet me at the nail salon at about half 12 and if he could bring the money for my nails with him.

Half 11 came round and I headed into the salon. Todays appointment went much better than last month. I managed to frustrate the poor guy who was doing my nails but that was completely my fault. I thought I’d got better at relaxing my fingers so they can shape the nail and file but today – nope. I swear my fingers had a mind of their own. I had to keep apologising to the poor bloke.

Daly came and joined me half way through having my nails done and stood with me chatting. I told him how much I was annoying the guy doing my nails. It was soon time to choose my colours and I chose a kinda baby blue and a glittery silver. Daly really liked a royal blue colour but I told him I was getting Cinderella blue for Bella. And boy did they suit Cinderella when finished.

Once my nails were done we headed off up the High Street to Wetherspoons. While we were walking up I received a message from my friend Morganne asking what I was upto. I told her we were heading for lunch and just as I got a message back off her asking where we were going she appeared in the High Street in front of us. It turns out she was heading the Spoons for lunch with a couple of friends.

We walked up together and headed into Spoons. It was pretty busy but we managed to find two tables right at the back. Daly and I sat down on one and then Morganne sat down on the table opposite us. Daly and I looked at the menu and then Daly headed to the bar to order. He always wants to change something on the menu so he has to go up to the bar to order. While he was at the bar I chatted with Morganne and Daly’s cousin Hannah. It was nice to have a catch up even if it was quite brief. Daly soon returned with our drinks and it was time for some us time.

We had a lovely lunch. Nice and chilled but also nice to have just some Daly and Claire time. We don’t get to have that often so it’s nice to make the most of it. The absolute bonus of our little trip out was I had originally planned on being the one to buy us lunch but Daly ended up paying. He even treated me to my nails which is something I would never ask him to pay for. We headed home for some more chill out time.

Now Daly was off to a disco tonight so he wasn’t at home with me for too long before he disappeared off. Liam had tried to clean my carpets while we were out but he had ended up running out of carpet shampoo so Daly and Liam headed off to see if they could find some.

After I head said goodbye to Daly and he headed off to his night of discoing I went and hid upstairs away from the washed carpets and climbed into bed. I decided to try and get some blogging done. I sat down and planned out when blogs were being written and any Instagram posts to go up. I’m trying to be organised to make sure I stay on top of things but I’m not sure it’s going to work.

Dawn and Grant dropped Bella home around 7.30pm and I had a very sleepy girl on my hands. Grandad had brought her in with her asleep on his shoulder. As it was close to her bed time I took her upstairs, popped her PJs on and snuggled her up in bed before returning to bed myself to crack on with blogs and catching up on a bit of TV.

It was nice to have some time just Daly and I and especially the fact he treated me. Wonder the next time we’ll get to do it.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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