Veg out day – 25th January 2020

Saturday means the weekend which means pure laziness. We managed a few days this week with no TV but after getting up early all week and doing activities I just want to be lazy and lay on the sofa. And guess what, that’s what we did.

Bella had wanted to dress up this morning. First she wanted to be Cinderella but then she wamted to be Elsa. We quickly swapped costumes but not five minutes into being dressed as Elsa she wanted to dress up as Sleeping Beauty. I put a stop to this pretty quickly though. I was not spending my day swapping costumes. Thankfully she seemed to get the message and decided she was happy dressed as Elsa.

First I let Bella be in charge of the TV. She wanted Disney so I popped Disney Jr on as it means I don’t have to keep pressing enter for the next episode. The good news was Disney Jr was having a Doc McStuffin day. Bella was very happy.

While Bella was happily watching Doc McStuffin, I cuddled up on the sofa under my cosy blanket and enjoyed a cup of tea. While I was being all cosy I decided to have a look through Instagram. I’m trying to use my account more and I just love looking through everyone else’s photos. I mean I managed to find some very aesthetically pleasing accounts while I surfed, made me feel like I need to get my camera out again though. Shameless plug now please go check out my Instagram and you can keep up with what I’m doing in real time. I love to ask questions on my Instagram, feels more personal. Either check it out below or find me on Instagram – making_memoriesblog.

After a whole morning of Doc McStuffin, Bella went upstairs to play in her room. She obsessed with being up there at the moment, it’s like I’ve got a teenager. She likes heading upstairs and watching Barbie and the 3 Musketeers. It’s also nice to know she’s happy to entertain herself and to know the toys in her room are being played with.

As Bella was upstairs I decided it was mummy TV time. So I chilled out and watched Stargate SG1. I grew up watching this show and I was so excited when I found it on Amazon Prime. A perfect way to waste 45 minutes.

After a couple of episodes of Stargate I switched back to terrestrial TV to watch the Saturday night TV. I wanted to watch the Masked Singer but had to wait a bit. So while I was waiting I watched Catch Phrase. I love this show although I’m rubbish at it. Liam and I try to play along when we come across it and he is so much better than me. I mean I swear he got them all right tonight.

Just as Catch Phrase was coming to an end I popped in some pizzas for dinner and then we all settled down to watch the Masked Singer. I love the concept but I don’t like the fact I don’t know who is behind the mask singing. It actually makes the show really frustrating to watch.

A nice chilled out Saturday with probably a bit too much rubbish TV but sometimes you need days like that.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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