Why does everything require the Internet – 26th January 2020

Today did not start too great and then the day just went down hill. We had a sow start to the morning. Bella had woken up really early but I was struggling to get up. Thankfully she quietly played in her room letting me sleep and by the time my body decided I was ready to wake up Bella had fallen back to sleep. I woke her up and we headed back downstairs.

Bella wasn’t happy about being downstairs though. She wanted to be upstairs watching Barbie and the 3 Musketeers. It was an absolute battle to get her downstairs. Eventually she made it and discovered her toy iPad. It needed some new batteries so we sorted it out and then Bella happily played.

Liam and I had noticed we were having issues with the internet so we tried resetting the router. But that didn’t work. We then took it in turns following the steps to try getting the router working again. In the end I followed the instructions which led to me actually phoning BT. Not even our landline was working which worried me slightly not that we even use our landline.

I ended up on the phone to BT for an hour while I and a technician tried to get the line working from both of our ends. It was so frustrating because as soon as I thought the router was working and the line my hopes were dashed. It was so frustrating. And the cherry on top of the cake was they can’t even send out an engineer to us to try and fix the line because the account is under my dad’s name. They need his permission before they can send an engineer out. And getting in touch with dad just spikes my anxiety at the moment and for the sake of my mental health I need to start listening to those anxieties and try to ease them.

Now the biggest frustration with having no internet is everything runs on the bloody internet nowadays. Our phones (even though we have 4G), the smart TV, the iPads, the Playstations, the Google nest and my laptop and the app I write my blog on. So we were pretty stuck today. It’s bad how reliant we are on it. Damn technology. In the end I had to hotspot my phone to my laptop so I could blog otherwise no blog would go up tonight and I don’t want to start missing days this early on into the year.

As we didn’t have any internet Bella couldn’t watch any Disney films, I need to do some DVD shopping. So instead Liam and I watched films. I found Never Been Kissed. Liam had never seen it before so we chilled out watching that while Bella played upstairs again.

I love the film Never Been Kissed but it used to be my depressed film. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s a perfect realistic break up film if you end it 2 minutes before the end. That way Drew Barrymore would never get kissed and it would be totally realistic. I love it but hate the ending.

Bit of an annoying Sunday, and it’s so frustrating how much our life depends on wifi. It’s stupid. Next time it needs to happen on a day I have a little more energy and then maybe Bella and I can enjoy a day out.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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