Busy Day, Typical Thursday – 30th January 2020

Oh I did not want to get up this morning. I hate that it is so hard for me to get up in the morning. I have things to do, places to be. I eventually pulled myself out of bed and Bella and I headed downstairs. We had our breakfast and then I had a mini battle with Bella to get her ready for ballet. She was adamant she wasn’t going to ballet instead she was going to nursery. I had to keep reminding her that nursery is after ballet. Eventually Bella was dressed and still in a bad mood. We headed out to the car and in we got. I had a bit of a headache this morning but we’ll see how the day goes.

We made it to ballet and walked in saying hello to everyone. Now todays ballet, instead of starting well and then going down hill, was the opposite. Bella did not want to join in to begin with. She was switching from grumpy to hyper.

Bella didn’t want to join in with the warm up, even with Miss Paige reminding her that her birthday was soon. We were hoping the idea of a Babyballet birthday surprise might get her to join in but nope. Now normally she likes the activities that follow – Incy Wincy Spider and Good toes and Naughty toes. Today they didn’t go so well. Even with me joining in she still didn’t want to play ball.

Turns out Bella wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to join in. Quite a few little ballerinas didn’t want to join in so Miss Paige was quick thinking on her feet and changed up her lesson plan. They were suppose to be doing the hide away game with scarfs but instead she got the girls to hold their scarf out in front of them like reins and they skipped around the room pretending their were horses. That seemed to get them all focused again.

Next up, Sugarplum fairies. Miss Paige handed out the wands turning them all into Sugarplum fairies and then they tiptoed around the room. Bella enjoys being a fairy and flying around the room. I was glad she was willing to join in nicely rather than curled up on my lap.

After skipping around like fairies, everyone sat in a circle and they performed fairy magic. Bella loves doing magic with wands, whenever she has a wand she will come up to me and go Bibbity Bobbity Boo turn you into a frog.

Once all the fairy magic had disappeared from the room the parachute came out. Bella was very excited but she’s far more focused when it comes out now. Instead of fighting me to go underneath it, she happily sat shaking it up and down.

After shaking the parachute up and down they were soon allowed underneath it. First Bella happily jumped up and down and ran round. In fact all the little girls were having a blast jumping up and down trying to catch the parachute above their heads. Miss Paige then asked them all to lay on their backs and try to kick their feet and see if they can hit the parachute with their feet. Bella actually managed this task very well. Normally she will not lay down properly, propping herself up so she can still see but today she lead flat and kicked her little legs at the parachute.

Once the parachute was put away we moved onto jumping. Again this week we had five spots to jump on before heading through the tunnel and then five more jumps. Bella joined in for her two turns and then stopped. It’s so funny how she wont do the activity anymore than twice. I wonder why that’s her magic number.

It was now time to say goodbye and have cuddles with Twinkl. Bella decided she wanted cuddles with Twinkl while lying next to me. She carefully rocked the bear and then brushed it’s fur before saying goodbye.

Once all the bears were gathered in and stickers had been distributed it was time to head home. I don’t know why I decided to go to Costa but that’s where we ended up. I think it was probably because I was so tired and needed a wake me up in the shape of a latte.

Anyways we popped into Costa through the drive thru and I picked up a latte for me and a gingerbread man for Bella. That was a bit of a struggle for me as the person on the drive thru thought I was asking for ginger snap biscuits but we eventually got there.

We headed home so we could have some lunch and get going for nursery. Bella had pretty much finished her gingerbread man by the time we got home. It’s not even a long drive from the drive thru to home. Man that kid can eat fast. We had an hours down time before heading back out to nursery.

While Bella was at nursery I went for walk into town to pick up some bits. I had a nice wander around town, pretty much window shopping than anything else. I had left the car at home and walked into town. So when I decided to make a move home and the time was only 1.30pm I was a bit thrown as I still had over an hour before I had to go pick Bella up.

While I was in town my hair started to drive me up the wall. My hair is pretty long but I can’t stand having it down and having it up really hurts at the moment as my scalp is so sensitive. So while I was in town I thought I’d look for some scrunchies to tie my hair up with. I find using scrunchies doesn’t pull so much on my scalp. I had seen some pretty ones in Peacocks but I went and took a look in New Look. I found these really cute teddy bear scrunchies and couldn’t resist. I mean how nice do these look.

I finished up in town and walked back home. When I got home I did my usual tidying of the kitchen before picking up Bella from nursery. When I picked her up I bumped into a mummy friend and we had a catch on what we’d both been doing and how the kids were getting on. It was nice to know that Bella has a friend at nursery and I have some one to chat to in the cold while we wait.

When we got home Bella wanted to play dress up while I carried on with some tidying. It turns out Tinkerbell was our costume of choice today. She was flying around the living room with her little wand.

After dinner Bella announced she wanted some ice cream – something Liam and her Grandad have taught her comes after dinner. The only problem was the only ice cream we currently have in the house is my Ben and Jerry’s. I reluctantly let Bella have a bowl of my chocolate fudge brownie ice cream even though I wasn’t happy about it. I’m going to have to buy her some ice cream of her own so mine can be kept safe.

Bella really enjoyed my ice cream. She seems to have mastered the art of not getting brain freeze. A skill she’s going to have to teach me.

Lots of little things happened today but it was nice to be busy. Nice to be able to pretend to be normal for a day.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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