Playing and Sorting kinda day – 5th February 2020

Wednesdays are normally days with Rachel but she was busy today. She was off snowboarding – brave girl. So instead we had another chilled out day at home. I started off my day with a shower rather than ending it. It was only a quick shower but surprisingly Bella didn’t follow me upstairs into the bathroom.

Once I got out of the shower I returned down stairs with Bella and she happily played with her toys. I was still pretty cold so I ended up curling up on the sofa under my fluffy blanket with the cat. Misty was obviously feeling cold.

Bella started her morning playing with her little FiFi and the Flower Tops house and her little princesses. She was making little games up with them and making them talk to each other. As well as her house she also pulled out her little Toot Toot dog house.

As Bella was happily playing and I’d eventually dragged myself off the sofa and into the playroom. I managed to sort out a lot of her toys. I managed to get a lot of her kitchen toys to one side so I could move them upstairs into Bella’s room. Then I sorted through all her games and books. I sorted out a few toys and books to go to the charity shop. With Christmas been and gone and her birthday on her way it was probably time to get rid of some of her old toys. I bagged them up and then popped them all in the hall ready to take another time.

Once I’d finished in the playroom I headed back into the living room where Bella was curled up on the sofa and dozing. She has been feeling under the weather recently so I’ve been letting her sleep as much as she wants. Need my little girl back to fighting form. I watched a few things on TV and then started dinner.

I decided on an easy dinner tonight. Jacket potatoes and a range of toppings. Beans, cheese, coleslaw but sadly no salad bits tonight. There was no vegetables in the kitchen for me to make a salad with.

Bella really enjoyed her dinner, she loves to play with the potato. She seems to enjoy the texture of squishing it between her fingers. She also loves coleslaw. I think she ate nearly half a big tub of it.

After dinner it was bath time. Thankfully the water wasn’t thrown around as much as last time but we still ended up pretty wet. Bella had fun playing with the bubbles, we actually ended up putting more bubbles in the water. She likes to pretending to clean when she’s in the bath. She uses the flannel the wipe down the sides of the bath and even the tiles.

She’s getting better at letting me wash her hair. She helps by wetting her hair and then letting me finish off the rest. It means there’s not as many tears or water thrown everywhere.

Once her bath was over we headed back into my room where we got dressed into PJ’s and chilled out. Bella was happily playing hide and seek at the end of the bed. That’s when she wasn’t going through Daly’s drawers.

I finally got Bella settled into her bed and she read me a story. She loves the book Farm Babies. She goes through all the pages telling me who the animals are and how many there are of each.

It wasn’t long before she settled down for bed and I was able to leave her.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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