Topsy Turvy day – 7th February 2020

Today was a bit of a topsy turvy day. Normally Bella goes to her grandparents on a Friday but that didn’t happen today as they were both working. That kinda put my plans on hold but we coped.

Our morning was mainly spent with Bella deciding her giant piano was the best toy ever. The problem was I was taking it to the charity shop. That had been my plan for today. All the stuff I had sorted out on Wednesday I loaded into the car and was planning on dropping it to the charity shop once I’d dropped Bella with her grandparents. Now I hadn’t managed to get the piano out of the house yet which meant Bella was still able to find it.

She had dragged it out from the hall way where it had been sat waiting to go in the car and laid it out across the living room floor. She was having great fun running up and down it making lots of noise. She even got her baby and was making her jump up and down on the keys across the piano. It was nice to see her having so much fun with the toy but knowing how often she has played with it since she’s had it I didn’t feel bad about shipping it off to the charity shop.

Now as I wasn’t able to do my normal routine we kinda made the day up as we went. After I’d got Bella dressed I pulled out my Little Mermaid photo backdrop so I could see how big it was and what it actually looked like. I had bought it ages ago and then just set it with the rest of my backdrops. It turns out my mermaid backdrop is pretty big. In fact it’s the largest backdrop I have. It’s in need of being ironed to get all the creases out of it but I’ll do that another day. We laid it out on the floor and because Bella saw it was an under the sea scene she decided she was going to lay on it and pretend to swim. She is so funny.

The rest of the day I had a bit of a hyper child. She was climbing all over the furniture and running around like a loon. She didn’t seem to stop. I can see why I need my day a week where she goes to her grandparents. There was no stopping her today. She kept climbing on to the back of the sofas and pretending she was a cat. I know we have a pet cat but I have no idea where that has come from.

We managed to make our way through the day without any injuries considering the amount of climbing Bella had done. This child has far too much energy at the end of the week.

Bit of a lack of actual activities or things to write about today but as I like to keep these blogs daily, here is today.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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