Birthday Prep – 9th February 2020

I had a little bit of a crafty day today. I want to make a giant number 3 for Bella’s birthday. I had asked Rachel to pick me up some empty boxes from work so I could make one. I had thought about buying one but I didn’t see the point in spending at minimum 20 pounds for a carboard number. So instead I’m going to make one.

Today didn’t start quite as planned through. Bella woke me up crying as her eyes have been a bit poorly recently. It scares her that they’ve been crusting over but luckily it only seems to be happening while she is asleep. Once I clean them off in the morning, her eyes seem fine for the rest of the day. Now cleaning off her eyes was a little bit of a struggle as my head was spinning when I woke up. I was so dizzy. But I cleaned Bella’s eyes and then managed to drag myself downstairs on to the sofa while Bella played.

Bella’s playing didn’t last long though. After about an hour or two of being awake and playing, Bella crashed out on the sofa. That’s one way you can tell she is ill when she seems fine in herself. She very rarely sleeps during the day so when she crashes out and sleeps for a few hours, she’s ill. Bella crashed out on the sofa and my head had stopped spinning long enough for me to get my creative bone working.

Rachel had managed to find me one large sheet of card so I used that for my main piece of card. I drew a large number 3 on the card, cut it out and then used it as a template to draw another number three for the other side.

Sadly that’s as far as I could get though. I needed my glue gun to attach some cups to the threes to give the 3D number 3 some stability. So without my glue gun all I could do is work out how many cups I would need to create that stability. I also cut large strips of card to use as the edges of the number three for when I could put it altogether.

Bella soon woke up and she wanted to do some colouring and cutting. I gave her some spare card and found her colours so she could decorate it. Once she’d finished drawing, she wanted to do some cutting. I had bought some child scissors a few years back randomly so I found them for Bella and then with supervision I let her try to cut up her card. She found that a little hard though so she asked me to cut the card for her.

After we’d finished all the cutting and crafting Bella wanted to dress up as Ariel. She had fun dancing and playing dressed in her Ariel dress. We even watched yesterdays Masked Singer again. Bella definitely loves that show.

We were currently being bombarded by Storm Ciara so it was nice that we were staying cosy inside. We had a film afternoon checking out the films itv2 had to offer. With no internet we have no Netflix or Disney Live so we’re making the best of the digital channels we have and it seems itv seems to be the best for movies.

While Bella chilled and watched films I set about ironing the Little Mermaid backdrop ready for Bella’s birthday photoshoot. I made a little bit of a mistake while ironing the backdrop. In the past I’ve been able to just apply to iron straight onto the backdrop but today – nope. Thankfully I made the mistake right in the corner so you can’t tell I tried to burn it. I grabbed a tea towel and used that as a buffer between the backdrop and iron and that seemed to help. No more mistakes after that and the backdrop is pretty much crease free.

We had a normal Sunday dinner, a roast and then once Bella was in bed I cosied up on the sofa with a cup of tea and enjoyed some rubbish TV.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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