Boring, bitty day – 11th February 2020

Daly was off today so I dragged him along with my plans for the day. We had asked if Liam was happy to watch Bella for the day so we could get some jobs done.

We started our day pretty slowly though. Yesterday we had put together Bella’s football goal so while we started our day and tried to wake up Bella played a bit of football. She really likes this gift from Zach and it’s lovely that her and Daly have something they can share. Daly had showed her how to use it last night so this morning she was happily playing on her own while Daly was dozing on and off on the sofa.

I needed to go and get my nails fixed as I’d managed to chip a couple of the gel off my nails. Daly had said he needed to go out so we decided we’d go together. We sorted ourselves to go out and Liam was happy to watch Bella for us.

I headed off with Daly and he dropped me in town so I could get my nails done and he went and met up with friends. He didn’t have to leave me long though. I was in and out of the nail salon within minutes.

Daly came back and picked me off and then we headed back home.

When we got home we were faced with a carboard fort. Liam and Bella had been busy today. They were having fun. Bella was happy hiding in her fort. I was very lucky she invited me to join her in it. I took my blanket and some pillows with me and made a nice comfy nest for myself.

Later that evening Joe and Jess came round to visit us for a chat. I put Bella to bed and then Joe helped me paper mache my number 3 as I had received my glue gun back yesterday and was able to stick it all together. Joe and I happily sat on the floor with the glue and paper mache. It’s very rare that I help people so to let Joe help was a huge deal. Although I did go back and go over all the parts he had done. I’m just a perfectionist.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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