Costa Coffee Date – 8th February 2020

We’re off to meet Leanne today! We’ve been trying to arrange this since her birthday on new years eve and we’ve eventually made it after several failed attempts. We were meeting for lunch in town for a good old Costa.

Bella had woken up a bit poorly this morning. She’s been under the weather for a few days but this morning she seemed to have almost completely lost her voice. Normally she’ll be upset and will be crying for me to fix her voice but today she didn’t seemed too bothered.

We got up and slowly got ready to walk into town to meet Leanne. I made sure I had her present which I’d been holding onto for a while. I had found it out from where I had hidden it as I was scared I was going to forget it. I packed it in the pram ready for when we left. We were walking into town to meet Leanne as there was a chance we wouldn’t be back before Daly had to leave for work.

Thankfully it was a dry walk into town. We were meeting Leanne at Costa but as I had left home she messaged me to say she was going to get dropped off at Sainsbury’s and then walk up to Costa. Now Sainsbury’s is on route for me to get to Costa so I messaged her when I got there to see where she was. It turns out she hadn’t left yet so we waited for Leanne there. I was feeling a bit sick so while we waited I popped into the store quickly to pick up a bottle of water.

Leanne eventually turned up and we walked through town together to Costa. We made it into Costa and ordered our drinks and something to eat before going to sit down. Bella wasn’t too happy when we got to Costa as her usual tables were being used. Normally she will go and settle down at a table while I collect our drinks. We ended up sat in a little quiet corner where we could still look out across the rest of Costa. We like to people watch.

We chatted and caught up over our lattes and tea cakes. Bella happily munched away on her gingerbread man while the grown ups were boring.

When we’d finished with our lattes it was time for Leanne to open her presents. I had created her a little winter survival gift – I’ll go more into depth of in another blog. She unwrapped all her presents and I think I can safely say her favourite present was the box of Twinnings tea bags. I know she loves her tea and I can’t buy her a mug every Christmas and birthday. I mean we’ve been best friends since we were 12 so that would be over 30 mugs during our friendship. That’s a lot of mugs. So I thought a box of tea bags was a clever present.

Now after our lunch and presents we did a little bit of shopping. Leanne was looking for an outfit for a party before she headed off to a beauty appointment. We headed into New Look to have a look first. It seems Bella was in her element. That girl loves shopping. She spent some time playing with her reflection in a mirror before browsing the clothes racks. She even played a little bit of hide and seek with Leanne in the store.

Bella was bouncing off the walls again running around the store. I messaged her Godfather Zach who works in the same shopping centre that New Look is in. I asked him if he wanted her as she was running circles around us.

We headed into Peacocks next and while we were shopping Zach appeared behind us. Bella was again running up and down the store and the three of us couldn’t catch her. I asked Zach again if he wanted her. I said she could spend the day chilling out in his office. But he turned it down. He didn’t seem to want Bella with all her energy.

Eventually we got her out of the shop and back into the pram so we could go home. We walked with Leanne to her beauty appointment and said our goodbyes. We’ve arranged to meet up again just after my birthday so we will be seeing Leanne again in a month.

On the walk home I popped into Sainsbury’s to pick up a few bits of shopping. Having the pram is so helpful to pick up things. It means I’m actually able to carry quite a few things home without too much effort.

We had a pretty chilled out afternoon and evening. We’ve really gotten into the Masked Singer so in the evening we all sit down together and enjoy our pizza while trying to guess who is behind the mask. Bella loves shouting ‘Take it off!’ when it comes to unmasking them.

We had a lovely afternoon catching up with Leanne. I do love our girly lunches.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures happen tomorrow.

Love CiCi x

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