Shopping Day at Lakeside – 12th February 2020

We are off to Lakeside today with Rachel. She has some birthday money she wants to spend and Bella had a few Christmas vouchers she could spend. I also wanted to go to the party shop they have to look for some bits for Bella’s birthday.

Bella had come into wake me up this morning and discovered a Lego set that had been mums down the side of my bed. We had been planning on trying to sell it on but Bella had found it this morning and pulled it out. She wanted to build the treehouse but I was not ready to start construction having just woken up. Instead I convinced Bella to take it downstairs and maybe we’d try building it after some breakfast.

Once we were downstairs we started our morning in Bella’s cardboard fort that Liam had built. I managed to get Bella dressed before she disappeared in the fort which was an achievement. Luckily it distracted her from the Lego so I could wake up and have some breakfast myself.

We had arranged with Rachel to head off to Lakeside about 10.30am. However when Rachel turned up Bella persuaded her to attempt to build the tree house. Rachel had far more patience than I would have trying to build with Bella hovering over her and trying to put the door on the house every five seconds.

Her patience didn’t last long and in the end Rachel gave up and decided we should make a move towards Lakeside.

I am not a good passenger but I let Rachel do her thing while driving. I get really jumpy and anxious as a passenger in a car as I’m not in control. I’m having to rely on someone else and that just does not fly with me but I tried hard not to panic and press my imaginary brake even though Rachel is a good driver. I mean I could be in a car with the best driver and I’d still be freaking out. I just suck as a passenger.

I piped up towards the end of the journey to give Rachel some help with the directions. I hate how SAT NAVs don’t properly warn you of things. Like it may tell you to come off a road but then waits to tell you which lane you need and by then you’ve normally positioned yourself wrongly and have seconds to switch lanes. It’s stupid.

We made it into Lakeside and parked up. We parked at Primark but instead of stopping in Primark first, we always shop there last, we walked straight through and hit the rest of shopping centre first.

The first shop we came across was the entertainer. Of course we went in and had a look. I mean Bella’s birthday is coming up also I was also using this trip to pick her up some presents.

We went to the back of the store as I know she likes bits for her babies. Instead she found the Elsa castle she had asked for for Christmas and settled down on the floor to play with it. I have to admit it’s a real cool castle. I really liked it. It has lights and play music but the price I’m not a fan of. Bit pricey for me although the price I suppose fits the item. I just can’t bring myself to spend fifty quid on a toy.

Next to the Frozen toys was a box of foam swords. Bella loves them. She always plays with them. I’m quite surprised we haven’t bought her one. She decided she wanted to start a fight so Bella and I had a little sword fight before I managed to get her out of the shop. We didn’t end up getting her anything for her birthday though.

We continued our shopping and came across the Disney store. Bella had received a voucher for the Disney store for Christmas so we had a good look around. Bella looked at everything. The dolls, the soft toys, the costumes hunting for the perfect thing to buy with her money. There was lots of costumes but sadly the dress she wanted they didn’t have in her size. She really wanted the Belle dress but the smallest size they had was 5-6 years which is just a little too big for her.

Luckily she seemed to be a bigger fan of the soft toy dollies. She found a Beast doll but was disappointed she couldn’t find a Belle one. We eventually found a Belle doll and Bella settled down on the floor and made Belle and the a Beast kiss each other and dance. She decided she wanted to get the Belle doll with her voucher and with the extra money on it she bought an Aurora barbie doll to add to her collection. She already has an Ariel doll Leanne got her for Christmas and a Cinderella doll Paige had bought her. We paid for her toys and then left the shop with Bella proudly carrying her Belle doll.

Bella soon started to complain she was hungry so we headed towards McDonalds for lunch.

Rachel ordered while Bella and I found a table and did some colouring.

Soon our food turned up and we tucked in.

Once we’d finished our lunch we headed back to the shops. We popped into Claire’s and I had a look at their birthday bits. Being an ex carnival queen I love sashes and if I can get Bella in a sash, even better. I found a rainbow sash but Bella didn’t like it, she did however like the pink birthday sash with glitter on them. We had a look at the birthday crowns and Bella chose a rainbow one. When we went up to the till they informed us it was buy three items get three items for free so I let Bella go round the store and chose four more items that she could have as birthday presents.

We finished up with the stores in Lakeside and then headed to Primark on our way back to the car. I wasn’t too thrilled with Primark. Bella didn’t find anything she liked to spend her Christmas money on, Rachel didn’t really find anything she liked and I didn’t find much of anything. I couldn’t even find any pyjamas I liked. It was a rubbish trip.

Now the party shop at Lakeside has gone so we headed into the industrial estate. I wanted to have a look in the Range at their party items and see if they had anything mermaid themed items. I really do go a bit over board when it comes to Bella’s birthday. I mean we’re only having a family tea party at home but I’ve gone all out again. I think my girl deserves it.

We drove over to the industrial estate and decided to stop for a Costa before we did a bit more shopping. Bella had her usual gingerbread while I had my latte and Rachel had a peach iced coffee thingy. It turns out it was actually quite nice. I needed to sit down and have a break. My narcolepsy seems to have been really bad today. I was struggling to stay awake while we were shopping in Primark, that’s probably another reason why I wasn’t able to find anything that took my fancy. I just wanted to sleep rather than shop.

We finished in Costa and Bella and Rachel had a race to the range. Bella ran the whole way hanging onto Belle as she ran. They made it into the store while I spent five minutes outside fighting with a trolley before I made it in.

Sadly the Range was a damp squid. Their party range was rubbish and I ended up leaving empty handed.

The last store we headed into was B and M. Again I was on the hunt for mermaid bits for Bella’s birthday but I never found any. I was very disappointed. One of my main goals for this shopping trip was to find some mermaid bits for Bella and I found none!

At least we had a fairly good time shopping even if we didn’t find anything for Bella. Luckily I managed to pick up a few birthday presents.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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