A Downer Valentines Day – 14th February 2020

Today wasn’t very exciting. I’ve been ill for most of it.

This morning Bella came in to wake me up which was probably a good thing. I wasn’t feeling so great so didn’t really want to get up. But Bella decided she was going to climb all over me and the bed until I got up.

We got up and went downstairs to get dressed and have some breakfast. I was off to the church this morning to take some photos for the vicar. The bishop was visiting so they wanted some photos of the visit. I wasn’t really feeling it but I didn’t want to let the vicar down.

We got sorted and I made sure I had all of Bella’s stuff to take her to Grandma’s afterwards. I packed my camera and lens and made sure I had spare batteries just in case. I also had my flashgun with me but didn’t want to use it unless I had to as I was taking photos during the bishops talk. Don’t need flashes going off during that.

We went into town and had a nightmare parking. All the little town car parks were full so I bit the bullet and tried out the new multi-storey in town. It turns out it’s not a too bad car park. The spaces were plenty big and it was really quiet as everyone seems to refuse to use it. I unloaded the car and we headed off down to the church.

Bella wasn’t too impressed I made her walk but there was no point getting the pram out of the car for such a short journey with chairs at the end. We made it into the church and straight away Bella made friends with the bishop. She was lovely chatting to Bella about her Minnie Mouse top.

We went and found a seat in the coffee area and settled down to listen to the bishop. While the bishop was talking I grabbed my camera and set about taking photos. Bella stayed sat at the table while I took photos. Occasionally she called for me but she was pretty well behaved.

Towards the end of the bishops talk the vicar presented the bishop with a cheque for her charity. I found a good spot to take a photo of the presentation but had to wait a little to take the photo. While I was waiting I crouched down so people behind me could see what was going on. Bella came and joined me and ended up making friends with a little dog. Normally she’s weary of animals but today she was happily stoking the dog and encouraging him to snuggle up on her lap.

Eventually I was able to take the photos and then I had a chat with a few members of the congregation. We soon said our goodbyes and headed off to Grandma’s.

I dropped Bella off with Dawn but soon made my leave as I wasn’t feeling 100% My head was killing me and I was starting to feel dizzy.

I made my way home and ended up crashing out on the sofa. I actually ended up sleeping right up until Bella was brought back home by Dawn and Grant. I obviously needed that sleep however my head didn’t feel any better.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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