Bye Bye Thursday’s Babyballet – 13th February 2020

Once again we started our morning with the Lego. At least it’s an easy way to get Bella out of bed. She sat in the living room trying to persuade me to build the tree house for her. She had ballet so I told her that I might build her the tree house while Bella was at nursery later.

We had our breakfast and got dressed for ballet. Today is Bella’s last session in her class as she’s moving up after half term because of her turning 3. Bella wanted Belle to come with her to ballet so I allowed it. I had planned on making her leave Belle in the car when we got to ballet but Bella was having none of that. She proudly walked into ballet with her Belle.

We found our spot on the mats and Bella settled down with Belle. Bella joined in very nicely with her final ballet lesson.

Well she needed a little encouragement to get started. She didn’t want to leave Belle, especially as there was a little girl very interested in her. We first practiced our good toes and naughty toes. Bella did very well not needing any help to point her toes. Then we sang Incy Wincy and Bella made me make Belle do it. She sang really nicely and joined in with the actions.

Next up was playing hide away. Bella happily left Belle with me and joined in. She’s getting very good at hiding behind her knees and then popping out into a star shape.

The next two activities Belle joined us for. First was ‘if you’re happy and you know it’ Bella joined in very nicely. She clapped her hands, nodded her head, pointed her toes and shouted ‘we are!’ I was very impressed with her toe points.

After ‘if your happy and you know it’ it was time for playing Sugar Plum fairies. Bella loves skipping around with her wand. To make it extra special today the bubbles came out again. Bella and her friends had great fun running around popping the bubbles with their wands.

As it was Bella’s birthday Miss Paige had a special treat for her. She brought out the parachute. Bella loves the parachute. Miss Paige wanted Bella to sit in the middle and then everyone was going to shake the parachute around her and sing happy birthday. Bella didn’t want to sit on the parachute though, Miss Paige and I both tried to encourage her but she was having none of it. Instead Bella just shook the parachute with the rest of the girls while we sang. She couldn’t quite believe it was for her. It was so cute seeing her so excited.

As always after the shaking of the parachute, the girls were aloud to play around under the parachute.

We finished up with Twinkl. But instead of our usual goodbye we had a Babyballet boogie. Everyone danced around with their Twinkls and Teds.

At the end of class Bella went up to Miss Paige to receive her class sticker and also came away with a little birthday present. We decided to wait until later to open her present. So we said our goodbyes to all Bella’s friends and thank you to Miss Paige.

When we got home we got ready for Bella’s last nursery session as a two year old. Bella got dressed and had some lunch and then we set off to nursery. Of course Belle had to come with us but this time she was going to stay in the car while Bella was at nursery.

Daly picked Bella up from nursery and she managed to persuade him to build the tree house for her. Not that it lasted long. Bella ended up destroying the house pretty quickly afterwards.

She also had a go at wrapping presents as she had found some left over wrapping paper from her birthday presents that I had wrapped. She wrapped up her Belle doll and then gave it to me to unwrap.

It’s a shame that it was Bella’s last Babyballet session with Miss Paige but on to the big girl ballet class next term.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us

Love CiCi x

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