Crafting Bella’s number 3 – 15th February 2020

Again we didn’t do much today.

Bella and Liam had fun together though. I needed to go into town to see if I could pick some things up for Bella’s birthday as well as some shopping. Liam was happy to watch Liam while I went into town and just before she left I heard her ask Liam if she could play with the Play Dough. Now Liam loves activities like that so he happily obliged.

I took a nice walk into town and I was so excited when I found some metallic paint for Bella’s number 3. I had finally finished the paper mache last night and it was now dry enough and had enough layers to paint. I had been looking for some metallic aqua paint and surprisingly I found some in Poundland. Once I’d picked up the aqua paint although it was called metallic peacock, I headed further into town to find some gold glittery paint. I came across some in the Works.

As I was in Sainburys I got a Snapchat message from Joe of Bella playing Play Dough so I guessed they were round ours. I messaged Jess back and said I’d be home in about 10 minutes. I quickly picked up what I needed from Sainsburys and walked home.

When I got home everyone was playing Play Dough with Bella. Daly had woken up so while the boys chatted, Jess and I sat with Bella. I wanted to get this number 3 painted as soon as possible so I set it up on the table and started painting. Jess offered to help me and I actually took her up on her offer.

Jess and I sat there painting and managed to complete the whole thing. Once we’d finished Bella had finished with her Play Dough and Jess and Joe were heading off. I was grateful we had gotten the 3 painted. And when it’s dry I can paint the scales on.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty chill. Watching boring Saturday TV.

Later that evening, after Bella was in bed, I discovered the number 3 was dry so I decided to give the scales a go. I popped on a film and settled down to paint. I tried the gold glitter paint I had bought from the Works earlier but it wasn’t great. It was more like glitter glue and it didn’t want to make any marks that represented a scale. I knew I had some extra gold paint upstairs from when I used to coach cheerleading (I used it for signs). I ran upstairs and grabbed that. I mixed the two paints together and that worked much better.

So I sat on the floor painting the scales on the number 3 while I watched the film San Andreas. Turns out itv plays some good films over the weekend.

I managed to finish the number 3 just before midnight and left it to dry while I went up to bed.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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