Bella’s Birthday 2020 – Peppa Pig World Day 2 – 22nd February 2020

Part two of Bella’s birthday today as we head back to Peppa Pig world.

We woke up a little earlier this morning. We wanted to get to the park as close to opening time as we could. Bella once again needed to be woken up but she was in a bit of a better mood this morning than yesterday. She must have had enough sleep last night. I on the other hand hadn’t. I don’t sleep well at all when I’m away from home. I mean I don’t sleep that great at home but I wake up constantly when we’re away so I’m currently sleep deprived.

While Daly went to get us our morning drinks from the garage next door. Zach and I packed up the room and checked for anything. Bella had been playing under the beds so we knew we had to check there. We finally were packed up and ready to leave with Bella leading us away.

I left Zach to check us out as I was trying to keep up with Bella. We climbed into the car, Daly packed the boot while I strapped Bella in. Once everyone was settled Daly shared out the hot drinks and I set about directing him back to Paultons Park.

We took a different route this morning. I had taken Daly along the main roads yesterday as the SAT NAV had said their were police on the quicker route but today it looked clear. This little route was going to take us through the New Forest. Sadly the route the SAT NAV had taken me went through a ford but it had been closed due to flooding. Luckily I have quick a good sense of direction so I was able to think on my feet and make up a new route while I waited for the SAT NAV to catch up with me. I was gutted we hadn’t gone through the ford. I think their great fun.

As we drove Daly made a comment about how it looked like we were driving through military training ground. I informed Daly that the military training grounds were further north in Hampshire. I told Daly about when mum and I had come down to Wiltshire to go to Longleat and how there were all these warning signs for tanks. I told him how that whole holiday I wanted to see a wild tank as I’d only ever seen tanks in captivity. Daly suddenly pointed out a New Forest pony and told me that there was a wild horse. But that’s not a tank. That was the only pony we found.

We eventually made it to Paultons Park and we were far earlier than yesterday. When we parked up we were about 3 cars away from the path that lead up to the entrance. We loaded up the pram and set off for round two.

This morning they wanted to measure Bella which I found quite entertaining as her height hadn’t been questioned yesterday. I stated I highly doubted she’d grown 6cms over night but I guessed they had to make sure. Soon we were in and it was time to head to Peppa Pig world.

As we were walking that way Bella spotted Critter Creek and wanted to go on the little train and rollercoaster again. This time she went on the little train with Zach while I stood at the fence with Daly and took photos. Bella had a great time, this time she sat with Zach in the rear carriage. Zach encouraged to wave everytime she went past but she seemed she was having too much fun.

Next up was the little rollercoaster. The queue was pretty long today but I’m not surprised considering it was the last Saturday of Half Term. It meant it was slightly busier than yesterday although the weather wasn’t so great. Zach and I queued up with Bella and this time Bella was going to ride with Zach and I was going to ride behind them. We made it to the front of the queue and waited to get on the coaster.

When it was our turn Bella got on with Zach and I sat behind as decided. I love rollercoasters but it seemed a bit weird being on a little kids one with no one next to me. Apparently Bella had a great time giggling next to Zach.

When we got off we went and looked at the photo. We thought the photo of Zach and Bella was so cute so we had to get a copy. The funny thing was on the screen you could see me in the background of their photo but when it was printed out I was hidden behind a snake.

We started to make our way to Peppa Pig world. On our way Bella saw the Carousel and wanted to go on again. This time she didn’t want to sit on a horse instead she wanted to sit in one of the carriages. We happily went round and round Bella and I but towards the end of our ride Bella wanted to sit on one of the horses instead. I had to stop Bella from running across the ride so she could sit on a horse. When it came time to get off Bella wanted to sit on the horse and I had to carry her off. She was very upset and I told her if she wanted we could come back later and she could go on the horse.

When we got into Peppa Pig World Bella couldn’t really decide what she wanted to do. We gave her several options but she didn’t seem sure at all. We wandered around and we discovered the penguin talk was happening soon. We went and sat down to watch that while Bella worked out what she wanted to do.

There were a lot of people sitting to watch the penguins and we couldn’t see anything. Daly took Bella down to the little walk way alongside the penguins pool with a window in it. He put Bella on his shoulders and they stood there the watch the penguins. Because of Daly’s height Bella had a perfect vantage point. Zach and I could see nothing, however.

After the penguin talk we went back onto Grandpa Pigs Boat ride. Bella really loved this ride. We thought as we’d come to visit Peppa Pig world we’d take Bella to actually meet Peppa Pig. I had used the app to see when Peppa was appearing and it turned out we got off the boats just as Peppa and George appeared outside the School House. The queue was pretty long though so Daly decided to find something else to do to pass the time while we waited for the queue to go down.

We headed into George’s Spaceship Play Zone. Bella happily ran off to play. Daly headed on in after her while Zach took photos. I took this chance to sit down and relax. I was feeling a bit tired so I wasn’t prepared to run around this massive soft play area. After a while of running around Bella and Daly gave the slides ago. This all went well until Bella bumped her head coming down the slide.

After a few cuddles with daddy she was ready to run off again. Daly headed off back to the car for something so I jumped into the soft play with Bella. We had great fun playing with the plastic balls and these vacuum tubes. I think I had a little bit too much fun.

Eventually we decided we should make a move and head off to find something to eat. We decided we were going to the same stall we used yesterday. Again we ordered three burgers and a portion of fries and then walked over to the Lost Kingdom.

We still had one photo left on our photo pass so we wanted to get a photo of us all on the Dinosaur Tour Co. offering the dinosaurs chips. The queue was a bit shorter today so it didn’t take us long to get on.

We headed around the tour all having a good laugh. Soon came the time for the photo. We all grabbed our chips and made sure that the camera could see Zach over Daly’s head.

As the tour continued I completely forgot the second dinosaur that squirted water at you. I screamed as it made me jump. This ride is such a good laugh we had great fun.

We got off the tour and quickly ran through to see our photo. As we ran up to see the photos the lady behind the desk informed us the camera was down. So no funny photo of us offering the dinosaurs chips. We were gutted.

We headed out of the shop and went to see what else Bella wanted to do. Bella saw the Sky Swinger and wanted to have a go. I was a little concerned as I wasn’t sure how she was going to react sitting on her own. As we walked over though Zach pointed out there were double seats so I would be able to sit with Bella and she could hang on to me if she needed to. Sadly she was too short to go on though. I told her she’d have to have a go when the funfair comes to town.

So instead we walked around further into the Lost Kingdom to see what other rides we could find. Bella saw the Boulder Dash and wanted to give it a go. Again the queue was pretty short so we quickly got onto the ride. It was a bit of a scary ride in my opinion. You spin round in either a boulder or an egg (Bella chose an egg) and these boulders and eggs go round in a figure of 8 missing each other by inches. I mean if I reached in front of me I could touch another of these boulders or eggs. Pretty scary seeing how close they came to each other.

Once we’d finished on this ride we thought we’d have a quick look around the rest of this area and see what we could find. We came across the Dragon Ride and Bella decided she wanted a go. So while Zach and Daly took a break and sat down on a bench while I queued up with Bella. I wasn’t sure if she was going to like this ride but I wasn’t going to stop her.

We eventually climbed on a found a little carriage to sit in. Soon the ride started and we were spun round and round extremely fast. Bella began to freak out a little bit so I gave her cuddles the whole time. The ride came to a stop but it wasn’t the end of it, the ride was quickly wacked into reverse. Bella continued to hang on to me and she seemed very grateful when the ride came to the end. I was feeling a bit sick zooming round in this ride so I was also very grateful to get off.

We gave Bella a final chose. Whether she wanted to go home or head back over to Peppa Pig world. She initially said she wanted to go home but as we headed towards the exit she changed her mind and wanted to headed towards Peppa Pig world.

We decided to have one last visit over to Peppa Pig world before leaving. As we hadn’t managed to get a photo on the Dinosaur Tour Co. ride we thought we’d get a group photo on Daddy Pig’s car ride.

Before we went on Daddy Pig’s car ride we took a quick visit to Peppa Pigs house. We headed on in however had a family behind us that weren’t patient at all and tried to barged past Bella on our way into the house and then insisted on getting into our photos rather than letting us take the photos and wait to the side. Thankfully we managed to get some nice photos of Bella and moved away from the disturbance. So sad as that was the only downer all weekend. Every other family had been so polite and we were all supported each other knowing we were all in the same boat.

Time for the final ride of the day Daddy Pig’s car ride. The queue was pretty long for this one so we entertained each other. Soon we were at the front of the queue and able to get on our car. Bella wanted me to drive this time so I sat in the front with her and Daly and Zach sat in the back. While we went round the ride I was telling the boys all the character names and we were coming up with our own. Like you do.

We managed to get our photo so we collected that and then finally made our move back to the car park. It’s been a long weekend with Peppa Pig and I think we were all ready to go home to bed.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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