Bella’s Birthday – Family Tea Party – 23rd February 2020

Today Bella is having a mini family tea party.

I spent most of my day cooking various bits. I made some cupcakes last night so I iced them today. But I wanted to make some little pizzas so I did them and also cooked the little bits you normally have a parties such as sausages and sausage rolls. Rachel had brought round Bella’s cake last night as she wasn’t going to be able to make it to the start of her tea party.

Once everything was cooked I tidied up the living room and dining room and sorted all the decorations. I had set up the little mermaid backdrop as bit of an extra decoration and to set the theme. Rachel had bought me some mermaid table decorations so we had plates, cups, napkins and table cloth. The set up looked pretty good. I was happy with everything the way it was so I settled down to chill before her little party.

Sadly we received a call from Dawn saying that Grant was really unwell and wouldn’t be able to make it. We knew he had to be really poorly as nothing keeps him from spending time with his Bella. We understood though. He didn’t want Bella to get poorly as well. Sad that he wouldn’t be here.

Daly went and picked Paige up at about 4.30ish. Everyone was coming to ours for 5pm. Not too long after Daly came back with Paige, Dawn turned up with Cathy, Zach, Nathan and a lot of presents. We helped transport them all into the living room, sorted out everyone a drink and then it was down to the important stuff – opening the presents.

Bella enjoyed opening all her presents. She received a little house for her characters and Nathan and Daly spent ages battling with it to pop the batteries init. It had a little light system through the house which is really cute.

She also received a toot toot castle from Zach and an outdoor playhouse. She was a bit disappointed I wouldn’t put the playhouse up but its for the garden. She’s already got plenty of toys indoors.

She received a few clothes including a Belle dress and some cute sparkly butterfly shoes from Grandma and Grandad. Her fancy dress costume collection is growing fast.

As well as houses there were a few Frozen items, she received a Frozen coat from Nathan and some mini Frozen soft toys from Paige and Adam.

Rachel and Oli had bought Bella some emergency services vehicles. She has a police car and an ambulance. There’s also a helicopter and a fire engine so I said we’d have to see if we could get hold of them for her.

Everyone enjoyed a few nibbles while Bella happily played with her new toys. We ended up having a bit of a debate about the flavour of the icing on the mermaid cupcakes I had made. It turns out they were suppose to be raspberry flavoured but no one agreed. They all said they did not taste great. I couldn’t even stand the smell of the icing so I never even tried one.

After everyone had eaten and I’d managed to get some photos of Bella with her birthday balloons it was birthday cake time.

Rachel had made Bella a Little Mermaid birthday cake with Ariel and Flounder sat on top. Daly lit the candle and then carried it over to Bella who was sitting with Dawn.

We all sang happy birthday and Bella blew the candles out. I made Rachel cut the cake. I refuse to cut cakes. When I have Dawn and Rachel who both make cakes and know how to cut cakes, I’m going to use them.

We all enjoyed our pieces of cake and then people started to go home. Paige and Dawn stayed a bit longer as Adam was coming over to wish Bella happy birthday. He wasn’t able to stay long when he arrived but long enough to give Bella a fuss and wish her happy birthday.

It was great that everyone was able to spend time with Bella for her birthday and Bella was very spoilt again. She is such a lucky girl.

Anyways, night all

Love CiCi x

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