Happy Birthday to me – 28th February 2020

Today is my birthday and it did not start as planned. Instead it started with another hospital trip. You know the perfect way to start a birthday.

I had had a bit of a headache so had tried to take some pain killers and go to bed with Daly but that didn’t last. By about 1.30am I was curled up in agony in bed and Daly was on the phone to 111. I’m so sick of this pain – it kills. Once again because it’s chest pains an ambulance was sent. Now I don’t actually remember much because of the pain and how spaced out I was so bear with me.

By the time the paramedics turned up I was curled up in the bath room again. It’s my go to place when I’m in pain. The cold floor grounds me. This time I had three paramedics. Two fully qualified ones and a student. That was a first. This time they examined me down stairs on the sofa. I have to say I think this attack was the worst of the bunch another reason I don’t remember much.

They performed an ECG to check my heart and once again it was fine. I then was given a lecture on taking ibuprofen which I really didn’t need when I was in so much pain. It was a case of yes what your saying is probably right and helpful but right now I want you to help me and make the pain go away. I nearly shouted at him ‘Is this really the time to lecture me, just shut up and do your job’ but they were the ones with pain killers so I bit my tongue and just tried to breathe through the pain.

We did have a giggle though when they asked me about my allergies. I told them I was allergic to aspirin and they asked me what happens if I take it. When I answered I couldn’t remember as it had been such a long time one of the paramedics said why don’t we give you some and see what happens. To which I replied was he related to my husband because that’s the sort of comment he comes out with.

Finally they decided to take me into hospital to have me checked over because of the pain. We went out to the ambulance and climbed in. I was still in a lot of pain so they offered me some morphine. I took it. I don’t do needles but I’m willing to do anything to ease this pain. Then came the discussion between the three of them who was going to put the canula in. After a bit of arguing I was told the student was allowed to do it and I was very much with the view would someone put the canula in so I can have some pain meds.

First he was questioned where he was putting the canula because instead of trying the back of my hand first but instead the inside of my elbow. He gave it a go in my arm but sadly he didn’t manage to put it in properly, he literally only just missed the vein so he did a damn good job. My vein just decided to bend away from him. In the end one of the other paramedics put it in and I was so grateful to get some pain meds. Then came the playful argument between the paramedics over who was going to drive. I honestly felt I was in the ambulance with the Three Ronnies. At least it was taking my mind off the pain.

We finally got going and made our way to the hospital. This time instead of being walked into the Urgent Care reception I was wheeled into A and E in a wheel chair. It was a bit of a wait but soon I was seen by a nurse. They wanted to do another ECG to make sure there was nothing wrong with my heart. Guess what! My heart is fine. Big surprise there so I was once again shipped through to MEDOC. Which is the out of hours doctor at the hospital.

Now I was exhausted and a bit spaced out on morphine so I instantly set up camp on a row of chairs in the waiting room and curled up under my blanket (which always comes to the hospital with me) And I went to sleep. I managed to sleep but I’m not surprised. I was woken up by Daly at about half 6 in the morning as I was being called into the doctors. Not a great thing though. I was tired, very sleepy and very spaced on morphine, I’d only just woken up so I was in no mood to talk to the doctor. The pain had gone and I just wanted to go home and sleep. I actually don’t remember what was discussed with the doctor but I ended up walking away with a prescription for my stomach/chest because he thought I had Gastritis and he told me to book an appointment with my own doctors. He suggested an endoscope so they can see what’s going on. Anyways I was very grateful to be released and to go home.

Yay! I got to go to sleep in my own bed … for two hours! Bella came in at 9am insisting we got up because it was sunny outside. We went downstairs and I ended up dozing on and off on the sofa while Bella played. That’s how my birthday morning started.

After a chilled morning of dozing on the sofa and Daly had woken up we went over to Cathy’s to see the family. Dawn and Grant were going to be having Bella during the day so they were going to meet us there.

Once we were at Cathy’s everyone wished me a happy birthday and Nathan presented me with a card and a present. I opened the present and inside was GTA for a PS4 which confused me as I only have a PS3.

Not too long later Cathy, Dawn and Nathan walked in with a large present with 3 candles balancing on top. Of course I blew out the candles and then opened the present. On top was a little note saying the present was from Daly, Nathan, Zach, Cathy, Dawn and Grant. And inside was a PS4. I’d been complaining at Christmas that I had no one to play with on the PS3 as now everyone had PS4. So hopefully I’ll be able to play with everyone now.

After all the excitement of presents and cards Bella took over everyones attention making everyone play with her whether it was making puzzles or playing board games. So with everyones focus there and the main celebrations stopped for the time being I curled up on the sofa and had a little snooze.

As the evening progressed we decided to go out for dinner as a big family. We got ourselves ready and headed off to the restaurant. It was really nice to have a family meal especially to celebrate my birthday.

After the meal the grown ups went home and Zach, Nathan, Daly and I headed into town to have some drinks. We met up with Morganne and Joe and Jess. Joe and Jess were out with some other friends but we had a quick catch up. The funny thing was Zach and Nathan weren’t originally suppose to come out but I asked Zach if he was going to now as we weren’t going clubbing now. After last night I was really not up to hitting the town properly. Nathan, however, I told him he was coming out with us. Hehe that’s what he gets for adopting me as his little sister.

We had a fairly chilled night out enjoying a few drinks in town. I love a chilled out birthday shame I just didn’t get much sleep.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi

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