Carnival Season Begins – 8th March 2020

Carnival season has hit Kent again. To be totally honest carnival season started in January but it’s the first carnival event I have attended this year. I was meeting Leanne there as she was judging,

Daly dropped Bella and off at the hall and then headed back home to wait for a phone call from me to pick us up. I had spent all morning making a shepherds pie for Liam to pop in the oven so it was ready for when Bella and I came home. I thought that would be a good plan as the event was suppose to end and 7pm and by the time I got home and cooked dinner it would be closer to 8pm.

When we arrived at the hall I chatted with an old Miss Sittingbourne, we’d known each other for years so we had a quick catch up before I headed inside to find Leanne. I wasn’t too sure where Leanne was but I spotted my friend Grace at the back of the hall. I went over to say hello and set up a camp with her at the back. It turned out she was also sat with the Teynham girls and Paige. Seemed like a good place to sit. Although they didn’t have any spare chairs at their table it didn’t matter. I’m happy to sit on the floor, it just meant I had somewhere to aim for when it was time to sit. I dropped our coats and bags down and Bella went over to spend some time with Paige. I headed off to find Leanne. Before I went I told Bella to stay with Paige or if she wanted to dance to go with the Teynham girls.

I found Leanne sat at the judges table and we headed off to the bar to grab a drink. It was pretty busy at the bar so it meant Leanne and I had plenty of time catch up. You wouldn’t have thought we’d only just seen each other last weekend. While we were waiting Paige came and found me and told me that Bella was on the dancefloor with the Teynham girls.

We eventually made it to the front of the queue and it was time to order. I was originally going to get a glass of wine to treat myself especially as I wasn’t driving but I changed my mind back when it came to ordering.

Leanne and I got our drinks and headed back to the main room. Leanne sat back at the judges table and I sat down on the floor next to her. I’m one of those people who will happily sit anywhere. I could easily see Bella dancing and I was able to keep chatting to Leanne.

Bella was having a great time dancing with the girls. Just before we were told to go get our seats I took Bella outside to a display that had set up deliberately for photos. I didn’t manage to get great photos but that’s how you can tell she’s a photographers daughter.

We went and sat back with the Teynham and Dover girls at the back of the hall to enjoy the judging. Bella was having great fun playing with the Teynham girls while trying to stay quiet. She absolutely loves those girls.

It was soon time for Bella to hit the dancefloor again but before she was allowed I wanted to see if the Teynham girls could get her to take a nice photo. We had some fun taking a few photos but Bella quickly got bored and ran back off to the dancefloor. She carried on dancing with the girls until it was time for the outgoing court to do their speeches and final curtsey.

Bella went and sat with the Teynham girls while I sat on the floor by the judges table and went live on Facebook so other friends that weren’t there were able to see their goodbye. Grace came and sat with me so it was nice to know I’m not on my own. During the girls curtsey I couldn’t see very much while recording so I actually ended up led on the floor trying to get as much as I can in the shot.

After the goodbye speeches there was only a little bit of a break before they crowned the new court. Leanne was heading off as she had quite a drive to get home so we said goodbye to her with plans to meet up soon for a proper catch up over some Costa.

Bella was happily dancing with the Teynham girls before going to sit back with them for crowning.

When it came to crowning Grace and I ended up on the floor again going live for those who weren’t there. I had a bit of an issue filming, turns out going live is not my forte lol. I ended up filming my forehead at one point. Once the girls were crowned all the other courts headed to the dance floor to congratulate the new court. Luckily Grace and I stayed safe from the crowd by hiding between two tables.

Now as the court had been crowned I decided to take Bella home. Daly had turned up because he was bored at home and was outside chatting to Richard. I said goodbye to Grace and the Teynham girls and then followed Bella who was trying to escape out of the building with one of the balloon displays. I managed to catch her as she headed out of the main hall and stopped her to take photo in front of the carnival backdrop.

I managed to get  few nice photos before she wanted to head out. I found Richard and Daly by the car chatting and Bella climbed her way into the car. Sadly as she was climbing in one of the balloons got caught and ended up flying away but she still had two. We said goodbye and headed home to enjoy my shepherds pie.

Not the most interesting blog but there it is.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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