Seaside Day – 11th March 2020

It’s a Wednesday so that means time to get with Rachel and have some family time. Rachel has been ill for the last two weeks but it wasn’t the dreaded Covid-19 it turns out she just had the flu but it had wiped her out pretty badly. We also hadn’t seen her because she didn’t want to pass it on to me as I tend to go one way or the other with illnesses. Either they completely floor me or I don’t get ill at all. Anyways today was the first time we were seeing Rachel since Bella’s birthday.

As Rachel hadn’t seen me for my birthday she arrived baring gifts. We had already decided we were going to the arcades so before we left we had a bit of chill out time and I opened my presents. Rachel had bought me a couple of pairs of Friends socks – I love Friends and I think socks are an awesome present. She had also bought me some nail varnish (so I would stop stealing hers lol) some hooped earrings and two Costa thermal mugs. I mean if anything I’d only expect one but I received two. I had been needing one for ages, especially for when I’m doing nursery runs and early morning ballet. Daly had bought me one when we first got together but mum had managed to smash it one day while washing it. She glued it back together but because the seal had been broken the heat was no longer held in the cup.

Once all the presents were open we were ready to head out. I put the car seat and pram into Rachel’s car and then we hit the road to go to Herne Bay.

We arrived at the seaside at lunchtime. Bella was seeming a bit grumpy and I guessed it was down to her being hungry. There are several fish and chip shops along the sea front so we headed into the nearest one to the arcades. We headed in and found a seat at the back of the shop. We ordered our food and then settled down to catch up on what had been going on for the last two weeks.

We enjoyed our food and chatted about the current situation with the coronavirus and the discussion of schools being closed and all the panic buying. I’ve been trying to keep up with everything that’s going on across the world. I just find it insane how everyone is going mad over toilet paper.

Once we’d finished our lunch we headed back towards the arcades. I changed up a few notes into pound coins so Bella could play some games.

When she was younger she loved the 2p machines and I could leave her to play for hours but now she has experienced the rest of the arcade and she loves the games.

The first game Bella wanted to play was a whack a mole game. You had to hit the clowns on the head but avoid the red one. Bella did really well. She does seem to really like the option to hit things on the head with a hammer.

Next she wanted to do some fishing. She struggled a little with this one as she would forget to wind the reel to bring the line back in. Even though she needed a little reminding on how to play she came away with a lot of tickets.

We carried on around the arcades and Bella came across another whack a mole game but this time it was firemen. You had to hit the firemen on the head to try and get a fireman to climb a ladder to save a burning building. Once again she did very well and walked away with more tickets.

We played the bean bag toss game. Bella always enjoys this game. She may not be able to through the bean bags far enough to reach the holes and score but she just enjoys tossing the bean bags in that general direction. After this Bella wanted to go on the Space Invaders game but I wasn’t prepared to pay for it but she had great fun just playing with the guns and thinking she was shooting the little ships.

We continued our walk around and Bella came across the bowling game. She really likes this game and normally pretty good at it so we happily stopped and played. Today she needed a little help to bowl as she didn’t seem to have the power to make the ball reach the end of the lane. So I just gave it a little push to make it to the end.

As we were walking around and looking for Rachel, who had disappeared somewhere, we came across a little horse riding game. Now we’ve had a go on this ride in the past several times and it doesn’t tend to go well but I was happy for Bella to give it a go if she wanted to. Turns out it went pretty well. There wasn’t any crying or trying to climb off. She ended up finishing in 2nd place.

We had finally found Rachel at one of the 2p machines trying to win a Jack Skeleton. There were little iron cast Disney characters in each of the machines. Bella and I had a look around all the different characters and settled on trying to win her a Daisy Duck.

We had great fun with Bella and Rachel popping in their 2ps and my job was to just top up Bella’s 2ps and stand by Rachel’s machine as she was constantly jamming it. She had to keep running off to find the man to fix it but her persistence held out and she eventually won the Jack Skeleton. Bella and I managed to win the Daisy duck as well.

We took another walk around the arcades to find any more games we wanted to play. We ended up having another go on the bowling with Bella and Rachel taking it in turns.

They then played a little foosball to win a bouncy ball. Sadly Bella lost to Rachel but of course we let Bella have the ball. Bella wanted a go on the basketball game. Rachel and Bella stood there shooting their hoops on the mini version of the game, again winning plenty of tickets.

One of the last games they played was a zombie water squirting game. Bella always enjoys this game but needs a little help to beat the level.

Before we left the arcades Bella had a go on a mini claw machine trying to win a Minnie Mouse teddy. Sadly we weren’t able to win one but we cashed in all our tickets and went to see what Bella wanted from the prize stand. Bella chose a little fairy doll she had seen.

She proudly left the arcades carrying her fairy and we headed off to see what was on the pier.

Bella hopped into all the little head cut out pictures. She was too fast for me to grab photos in each of them but she was happy and having fun.

The pier was closed as it’s the off season at the moment but it was a nice walk out into the sea. On our way back to land Bella and Rachel walked one side of the pier while I walked the other. I could see Bella and Rachel through the windows down the centre but Bella was upset to not be with me.

We took a little walk into town. I wanted to see what they had and also I was on the hunt for a top for another carnival event this weekend. I don’t have many nice tops for the winter and I currently find trousers so comfortable. I have lots of dresses in my wardrobe but I seem to be all about comfort at the moment.

We had a nice wander around the town before heading back to the seafront and the car. I managed to pick up a pretty long sleeved blouse that I thought I could wear on Saturday. We loaded up the car and headed off to Sainsbury’s to do a little bit of shopping.

We went to the Sainsbury’s that Rachel works at so as soon as we walked through the door she was chatting to her work friends. We managed to go round the store and pick up most of what we needed although all the toilet roll was all gone. I mean why? Does anyone have an explanation anywhere in the world why everyone is buying toilet roll? It’s crazy.

We had a lovely day at the beach it was nice and quiet and it was good that we could spend some family time together.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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