Teynham Selection – 14th March 2020

Another carnival event tonight. But Bella gave me concussion yesterday. We were playing on the sofa and she dived right on top of me and head butted me. So that was a fun little trip to Minor Injuries. Daly wanted to get me checked out and they checked out Bella as well. It was decided that I had concussion and I had to keep an eye on Bella to see if she had any signs. But that didn’t slow down our Saturday.

We first had ballet at 9am. That session is so painful. It’s too early for me. Bella joined in pretty well as it was her third week but was still pretty reluctant to leave me so I ended up having to join in with her. My head was absolutely killing by the time we left ballet and Bella didn’t seem 100% herself so we were going home to chill out and take some medicine.

Turns out a little bit of Calpol was all Bella needed to help her feel better. She wanted to watch Hotel Transylvania. She loves Drac. So she settled down on the floor to watch the film while I curled up on the sofa in the hopes this headache would do one.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty chilled. I slowly got ready to go out and cooked us dinner so we would have something to eat before we left. While I was cooking dinner I received a few calls and messages from various people asking when we’d be at the hall. I didn’t understand why people were trying to get hold of me. I mean it’s only little old me and I was anything to do with this event.

Turns out I had offered to do a girl’s hair for the evening. I felt so guilty, I’d completely forgotten but I pointed out I did have a concussion so I’m not surprised I’d forgotten. Especially when people only choose to remind me less than an hour before the event. I had no hope of getting there in time to do her hair. I mean we tried to get sorted as soon as possible, bit difficult with a potty training toddler who refuses to get dressed.

We eventually made it to the hall and thankfully someone had managed to do the hair for her. I just feel so bad for her. I didn’t mean to forget.

We pulled up and parked and then headed into the hall. Turns out I didn’t put on the top I’d bought for tonight. I was wearing my smart trousers but I felt fat and hot and didn’t want to wear anything I didn’t find comfortable. I was quite surprised I’d got dressed at all to be honest. I wanted to just stay in my pyjamas I felt so ropy.

We found a spot to settle and I settled down while Bella sat with grandad. I had taken my camera with me but I wasn’t sure how many photos I was going to take as I wasn’t really feeling it. I haven’t been feeling taking photos for a while. I seem to have lost my photography mojo.

The evening progressed like normal. First up the presentation of all the girls or should I say young women to the judges and their speeches. I sat on the floor up by the judges with Morganne so I could take photos of the girls while they presented themselves. Bella was stood at the back of the hall with Morganne’s daughter and it was so cute seeing them standing there holding hands as they cheered all the girls on.

All the girls presented themselves to the judges and the room. They took group photos and then it’s back to the disco. Bella and her little friend were running around playing and dancing. I sat at the back chatting to friends as I still wasn’t feeling great.

Soon it came for the goodbye speeches and curtsey. Once again I was on the floor with Morganne to take photos of the speeches. It was sad saying goodbye to the court. Bella has absolutely loved those girls. It was so nice being able to relax at carnivals knowing they were looking after her. I mean they didn’t have to but they all loved each other. Thankfully we’re close friends with Jess and the other princess is Morganne’s sister so I know Bella will still see them.

When it came to the curtsey I jumped up on the stage so I could see their curtsey about the committee and parents who were receiving it. Morganne and I were having a good laugh on the stage so that was fun. It was a bit emotional but I got some cute photos. But sadly not of all the girls as there is only one of me with one camera.

Again there was a little bit more of disco and then came the crowning of the 2020 court. Morganne and I sat on the floor so we could take photos of the crowning. Just before the crowning they celebrated the latest carnival birthdays. Then it was back to crowning.

The new court was all crowned with rounds of applause. Once again I didn’t stay long as I wasn’t feeling great and wanted to get Bella home to bed so I gave my congratulations to the girls who received crowns and gave my condolences to those who didn’t. Bella and I said our goodbyes, collected Liam and then we headed home.

Concussion sucks, but I’m getting there.

Anyways, night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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