The day before Lockdown – 23rd March 2020

Today is the first day of home schooling as nursery is closed. I had spent the weekend on Twinkl downloading and printing off bits. I do love Twinkl. It brings out my inner TA. I had bought a new printer and a laminator over the weekend. I had thought mum’s old printer still worked but it turns out she had instead decided to keep a broken printer. Thankfully I’d managed to order one online from Currys and then pick it up. And I’d managed to get a laminator off Amazon. I had set up a little area with a display for the Emergency Services and Spring as I’d decided the topics we were going to cover in the coming weeks.

Our first activity this morning was a Powerpoint on shapes. Bella and I went through the various shapes and looked at where we find them in everyday life. I had managed to hook my laptop up to the TV. So it meant it was great for Bella to choose the shapes without the pair of us fighting over the little laptop screen.

Bella did very well being able to name all the every day items but struggled with naming the actual shapes. It seems the only shape she actually remembers is a triangle. But she tried hard and I kept reminding her of what each the shapes were.

Once she’d finished with the shapes we moved on to another Powerpoint of People Who Help Us. In this Powerpoint we discussed jobs such as postmen, binmen and librarians. Bella did a pretty good job telling me what each worker did. I was surprised she knew what most of the jobs were.

She got pretty fed up sitting around and discussing the two Powerpoints we had looked at. I am encouraging her to do two focused activities in the morning and then have some free play time and quiet time either side of lunch. The weather was pretty nice so I asked Liam if he would be able to build Bella’s playhouse she had got for her birthday. I guessed if the furthest Bella is going to be able to go out of the house for the next few weeks was the garden we should fill it with toys. He quickly popped it together and Bella was straight out in the garden to play.

As we’d decided we were going to focus on People Who Help Us, I had turned Bella’s playroom into a hospital. While Bella was in the garden playing I managed to quickly arrange it. We had a baby cot for baby patients, and I had printed out various doctors forms that Bella could use when playing. I had also spent all weekend downsizing one of Liam’s shirts to make a doctors lab coat and a nurses apron that she could dress up in while she was playing.

After Bella had spent her free time playing in the garden we used the afternoon for arts and crafts. I had found a project using handprints to make a flower bouquet for Mother’s Day. As it had been Mother’s Day over the weekend I thought it was a good idea.

Bella enjoyed getting messy with paint. She chose the colours she wanted for her flowers and I painted her hands with them.

Once her handprints were on the paper I left Bella to add on the stems using the green paint.

Once she’d finished bouquet she wanted to paint a rainbow. I had seen all over Facebook over the weekend about painting rainbows and putting them in the windows to brighten up the place for the elderly and high risk members of our community who are already on a 12 week isolation period. It turns out Bella wanted to do that off her own back but she was happy to use the colours she already had used for her flowers.

She painted a pretty simple rainbow and then did a bit of freestyle painting before she was bored and wanted to go back to playing.

Bella found her picnic basket when I tidied her playroom and turned it into a hospital. We sat down on the carpet to play. Bella set up a plate for me and then a plate for her and we had a lovely picnic together.

Our afternoon finished off with shape puzzles. I was pretty impressed she’d pulled out the shape puzzle. That is our maths theme for at least the next week as she struggles with the names and is pretty good at counting.

Our first day of organised life at home and learning went pretty well. I had kept an eye on the news during the day to see if there was any developments. It turned out that instead of the daily 5pm press conference that the Prime Minister had been running there was going to be a national address at 8pm. I guessed that meant we were finally going into lockdown. If it keeps my family safe I’m all for it.

I hope everyone is staying safe.

Night all, and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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