Lockdown 2020 – Child led learning today – 26th March 2020

Today had a lot more structure than yesterday. It may not have gone completely to time table but at least we did semi educational things. We kind of went with Bella to show us what she wanted to do but they were all slightly directed learning.

I have discovered when I first wake up I am not ready to try and do structured activities. I’m still trying to wake up so trying to sit down and teach Bella something does not work. I had however managed to set up a sensory tray for Bella.

We bought Bella a water tray two summers ago where she loved getting wet and messy. I decided that with this whole lockdown thing I’d use it instead for sensory opportunities. That’s what she would be exposed to at nursery and she was just about to start full days so I want her to have the same experiences she would at nursery, or as close as I could get in the current situation.

I had turned Bella’s water tray into a gardening station or a spring sensory bin as Twinkl called it. I had filled it with compost, plastic flowers, plant pots, some stones and Bella’s gardening tools. I had planned on putting it outside but it was a bit chilly and I didn’t fancy on having the back door open while Bella played. Instead I had placed it in the little corner we have behind the sofa on the laminate flooring. It means it’s easy to tidy up and out of the way.

It seemed to be a big hit. Bella spent a lot of time in the sensory tray pretending to plant the flowers. She told me first you put a stone in the bottom of the pot and then add seeds (that’s what she called the compost) and then once the pot was full Bella added a plastic flower to the top. I think she really enjoys the independence of just being left to play with something messy and also being able to do it inside.

Once she’d finished in the sensory bin she found the spots I used to use for cheerleading. She lined them up across the floor and was jumping from one to the other.

I spent my time online trying to find some PE equipment I could order to use at home but it turned out every set I found either had only four of everything eg. Four hoops, four cones, four beanbags but I wanted a lot more. To get the numbers of equipment I needed I’d have to order all the resources separately. It was not a very successful internet shopping trip.

Bella then made a trail of spots into the dinning room and again jumped from spot to spot. She was making out that if she missed a spot she was going to end up in the sea and the sharks were going to eat her. She does have a good imagination.

After lunch Bella did a bit of playdoughing. I got her table and chair out so she could spend some time with us while she did her playdoughing. It also meant I was able to support her while I printed off resources for the next week. The play dough mats we were using were suppose to be used yesterday morning for her maths activity but it obviously never happened.

The play dough mats were shaped themed and Bella needed to add certain shapes to each picture. Eg. Circle wheels to the bus, stars in the sky or square windows to the house. She tried really hard and enjoyed working through the mats. I took photos of each mat so I could add them to her nursery learning journal. Surprisingly I’ve been able to keep on top of it being stuck at home.

Once all the directed activities were finished with Bella headed back into her playroom and played doctors with her babies. She makes a good doctor and knows what all the equipment is for.

I however spent my afternoon cutting out all the resources I had been printing out ready to be laminated and used in the coming weeks.

We had a busy learning day today. I’m proud of Bella showing me what she wants to do. It is truly child led at the moment.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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