Lockdown 2020 – Saturdays are still lazy days – 28th March 2020

Today was another slow chilled out day. I haven’t planned anything for weekends as we don’t normally. Bella and I got up a little later than normal and chilled in our PJs for a while.

Bella started her morning by looking after her baby. She pulled out her doctors set and the changing mat. We still have Bella’s mat so I’ve been using it as a doctors bed in her make shift hospital. Apparently the hospital was moving to the living room today.

Bella played for a little bit but then of course we popped TV on. I still wasn’t feeling great but had no idea what was wrong with me. I’ve got one of those headaches that takes out half of your face. It was one of three things, it was either tooth ache, ear ache or a migraine. I took some painkillers and hoped that would ease it.

I wanted to give Bella a bath as we’ve been struggling to do it of an evening. I either don’t have the energy or she’s far too tired and grumpy. So instead we decided we’d have one this morning. Bella does really enjoy a bath and I had done a massive clean on the bathroom the other day so had cleaned all her toys as well.

After a bit of TV and waiting for the painkillers to kick in we finally ventured upstairs for a bath. Bella likes lots of bubbles in her bath so I sorted that out while she chose which toys she wanted in the bath with her.

Bella had a lovely bubbly bath and I managed to wash her hair with not too much of a fight. That always makes things loads better.

I pulled her out of the bath and wrapped her in a nice cuddly towel before we headed back downstairs. We had some cuddles on the sofa while we watched the TV. Bella has been a bit snuggly lately. I think she can sense there is something wrong in the world so wants mummy cuddles to make her feel better.

We chilled out on the sofa and watched some Disney.

We spent the rest of the day pretty chilled out and seeing what films we could find. We ended up watching Despicable Me 3 which Bella really enjoyed. I’m lovely itv of a weekend. They have loads of good films on so I’ve been spending my weekends checking them out.

After Despicable Me they were putting on Coyote Ugly and I didn’t really think that was appropriate for Bella. I don’t really want her to watch people slut dropping on a bar soaking wet so instead we watched Jurassic Park 2. Because dinosaurs eating people is so much better. She actually really likes the Jurassic Park films. She loves dinosaurs.

After dinner Bella played with her sensory bin again and this time collected up all the stones and was showing me she could count them. She’s pretty good at counting but struggles to remember the number 4. We need to work on that.

Stay safe

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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