Lockdown 2020 – Backwards day – 31st March 2020

Our day started a bit backwards. I always plan to do activities in the morning and then have a relaxed afternoon but it doesn’t seem to be the way it goes.

This morning started with watching films. We started with Frozen 2 which Bella loves. She settled down on the floor to watch while I chilled out on the sofa trying to wake up.

Once Bella had finally got fed up of Disney films (we watched 4) she headed outside for a little bit. There’s this big rhino tub in the garden full of water and Bella keeps adding little bits to it such as flowers and dead pegs and stirring it up. Apparently it’s her potion. I’m not a huge fan of her playing in it but she is drawn to water and she enjoys it.

After some garden fun I called Bella in to do some cooking. We were going to make some daffodil biscuits. We set up in the kitchen with all the ingredients we needed. I measured out the ingredients and then Bella popped them in the bowl to mix together.

Bella was even willing to get her hands messy squishing all the ingredients together into a dough. I was quite surprised at that as recently she’s been asking me to do everything. When the dough became a bit to tough for her to kneed together it was my turn.

Once all the dough was squished together. Bella rolled it out and used a star cutter to cut out the daffodils. Once they were all cut out I popped them in to the oven to cook and we went to play in the living room.

Bella had found her mermaid dolls that mum had bought her and they seem to be the hit of the day.

I took the biscuits out of the oven to cool and Bella continued to play. Before we knew it dinner time had crept up on us. For dinner tonight we had saucy sausages with pasta. I love making this for dinner as it is so easy to cook and is a massive hit with Bella.

After dinner I tried to get Bella to do the final activity I had planned for her. A little bit of finger gym. The day seemed to have run away from us today. Thankfully Bella was quite interested in playing. We had some birds glued to pegs and the idea was you use your pincer grip to control the peg to pick up the worms to feed the babies. Bella did amazing with this activity. She even switched hands, therefore strengthening both hands without me even asking.

I was glad it was such as success. It’s the sort of activities I used to do at work when I worked in the SEN department. It really is like going back to work with this home schooling thing.

A busy day with lots of activities again.

Stay safe

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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