Lockdown 2020 – Busy day full of activities – 30th March 2020

Back to attempted home schooling today. It is Monday so Bella would be at nursery today anyways. Let’s see how it goes today.

I’ve been pretty good at trying to get Bella up and dressed so she’s not just living in her pyjamas. I, on the other hand, is a whole different story. I live in pyjamas normally so this is just an extension of that. I don’t see the point in getting dressed if I’m not going anywhere. Anyways, this morning we weren’t as on top of it as it had been. So Bella started her morning learning still in her pyjamas.

First activity of the day – making shapes with lolly sticks. I had found some prompt cards on Twinkl and thought they’d be perfect as we’d been learning about shapes. It would also benefit Bella’s special perception. Turns out Bella was very good a recreating the shapes using the lolly sticks. We’re still struggling with the names but she has always had good special perception. First we went through and made all the shapes using the lolly sticks.

Then Bella wanted to add them together and made a house. That was Bella’s idea and she managed to put the triangle on top of the square to create a house. I have to say I was very impressed with how carefully she approached this activity.

We next tried to look at a Powerpoint about the fire station. I had discussed with Bella over the weekend which emergency service she wanted to focus on and she chose the fire service. We were having a few technical issues today though. I could get the Powerpoint up on the TV but when Bella chose which topic she wanted to look at and watch the video that went with it the video wasn’t working. It was moving and we had sound on the laptop but not the tv.

In the end I disconnected my laptop and we opened up YouTube on the TV to find some videos on fire stations. We watched a couple videos and then we made a move to get dressed. While Bella was getting dressed the letter box went. There was a flat package that came through the door. I was a little bit confused as I couldn’t remember what I had ordered – Lockdown brain.

When we opened it up, inside we found Bella’s Easter bonnet that I plan to make with Bella next week. I was expecting it to come in a big Amazon box like normal. But nope it had been folded up into a large letter. Bella was excited when she opened it. She proudly popped on her hat and was parading around the front room with it on.

I had to take the hat off her in the end as I was scared she was going to damage it. So she changed activities. She found the spots and laid them out from the sofa into the dinning room where Liam was. She practiced hopping and jumping from one spot to the other and was going back and forth from the living room to the dinning room.

After jumping and hopping I let Bella play with what she liked. I wanted to sort out some resources for activities during the week. I needed some bricks for an activity for her busy bag. I went upstairs and found Bella’s bag of Megablocks and baby Duplo. I brought them downstairs and then Bella helped me. I wanted all the double blocks so Bella hunted them all out and then she played with the Duplo while I prepared the resource.

We had some down time with playing bricks and some lunch and then we moved on to our craft activity. I had found a few spring themed painting activities and so today we were painting hand print chickens.

Bella did amazingly well following instructions. She was happy to get her fingers all dirty, making finger print grass and chicks and then a handprint chicken. I loved this activity as it was a huge chance to use the craft box that Bella had received for Christmas from Rachel.

So Bella created her handprint picture and then while we were waiting for it to dry Bella wanted to continue painting. We thought we’d give painting a rainbow another go. This time we had all the colours we needed. Bella listening to me telling her which colours went after each other and she painted a beautiful rainbow.

I told her once it was dry we’d pop it in the window for everyone to see. Not that anyone will see it, we live in a cul de sac.

The rest of the afternoon – not that there was much left of it, was pretty chilled. Bella entertained herself playing while I cooked dinner. I’ve been trying to recreate the hotpots I get from Sainsburys but it’s a bit of trial and error at the moment.

After dinner we finished Bella’s chicken picture by adding the details such as legs and eyes. She tried really hard to follow instructions. I’m really proud of how her chicken turned out.

We stuck her chicken in the backdoor window where I’ve set up a kind of display area for her art work and learning. And we placed the now dry rainbow in the front window.

I took Bella outside to see her rainbow in the window and she decided she wanted to go for a little walk. I was extremely anxious about that. I hadn’t been out of the house for two weeks. But Bella wanted to go for a walk so I thought we could take a little walk down the road and back.

I was so anxious but Bella and I kept ourselves busy by looking out for rainbows in other peoples windows. We managed to find 11 on our little walk.

I was so glad when we were finally home.

Stay safe.

Love CiCi x

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