Lockdown 2020 – People Who Help Us – 3rd April 2020

This morning I woke up before Bella came into me. I couldn’t hear much noise so I wondered if she was still asleep. It turns out though she was awake and just playing quietly in her room. I went and sat down on her bed waiting for to realise I was there. It never happened. After five minutes of watching her play quietly I headed downstairs knowing she’d follow me soon enough.

Once I was downstairs I decided to make a smoothie. I had found some frozen fruit in the freezer last night so I had gotten it out so I could use them. I put them into the blender with a banana, some ice cream and milk and blitz it all together. It turns out the noise was enough to draw Bella out of her room. While I was blending she appeared behind me in the doorway.

Bella had decided she wanted to try some of the smoothie too so I pulled out her Ariel juice cup and filled it up. I used my personalised Thumper smoothie cup for mine. I hadn’t used it in years. I mean I had the cup made for me before I fell pregnant with Bella.

We enjoyed out smoothies and then got dressed ready for the day ahead of us. Our first task for the day was a shape hunt. I had printed out some cards of the shapes we’d been looking at. We ran around downstairs looking for various house hold items that matched the shapes. Bella found that the TV was a rectangle, as well as a letter.

We found triangles were the hardest shape to find. We found a bag I had folded into a triangle. We seemed to struggle with this activity though, We gave up quickly into it as Bella lost interest.

So instead I quickly went round the house and grabbed a load of items that matched the shapes we’d been looking for. This Bella managed with. She picked out the items and then match them to the shape cards. Once again we struggled with triangles. I hunted the whole house and found about two. Oh well turns out the strongest shape isn’t actually a common shape.

I let Bella watch a bit of TV for the rest of the morning but she seemed pretty motivated to learn today so after lunch we continued with some learning.

First up Bella completed a cut and stick sheet about different people who help us. Well she didn’t do the cutting but she did do the sticking. On the sheet there was a police officer, a teacher, a fire officer, a doctor and a lollypop lady.

We started with the obvious ones for Bella. First I asked her who helps us if there’s a fire – a fire office. Next who helps us when we’re hurt – a doctor. Then Bella wanted to do it her way. She knew a lolly pop lady helps us cross the road. That a teacher helps us with our learning and finally that a police officer helps us when we’re lost.

We finished up with cutting and sticking but Bella still wanted to do activities so we went into the kitchen to do a science experiment I had seen. It involved water, shaving foam and food colouring.

I set up the experiment by filling a vase with water and then putting shaving foam on top to make a big fluffy cloud. I mixed up different food colourings with water and then we were ready.

We used a turkey baster to pick up the food coloured water and then drop it on to the shaving foam. The idea was that the food colouring would drop down through the shaving foam cloud and then filter through the water (sky) and fall as coloured rain.

Bella enjoyed picking up the coloured water in the baster and then dropping it on top of the shaving foam. And I found it fascinating watching the coloured water filter through the shaving foam and through the water.

It made pretty swirly patterns in the water. It was like a mini tornado. Bella stopped for a little bit to watch but she was having far more fun dropping the coloured water on the foam.

Once we’d been at it for about 10 minutes and the water below the foam was becoming a bit murky we decided to call it a day. But Bella still wanted directed activities. I had made an emergency services busy bag so we got that out.

Inside there were images of paramedics, fire officers, and police officers as well as their vehicles. Bella matched each of the people to their vehicles with no prompting at all.

Next she pulled out the bricks. On them I had stuck pictures of various people who help us that had been cut in half. Bella had to put the bricks together to make the person whole. Turns out Bella is very good and matching the bricks together to make the people.

She enjoyed playing with the bricks so much that we played together. Each picking two bricks and seeing if those two bricks linked together. We played this several times before I went to cook the dinner.

Just before I went to cook dinner I attached lolly sticks to all the laminated people and vehicles so she could use them as puppets. It turns out that’s what they are actually suppose to be used as. Bella was happily playing and I headed off to cook us some dinner.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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