Lockdown 2020 – Starting to get sick – 4th April 2020

Today started way too early. I actually woke up at 2.30am and then couldn’t get back to sleep. Bella then woke up at 4am and joined me in bed. We ended up watching a film and some TV shows as we were both wide away. Daly then came home from work just after 6am and was surprised to find us both awake in bed. He got changed out of his work clothes and came and joined us in bed where I had taken to watch Tik Toks.

I’m sad, I have a Tik Tok account but I hate the way I look so very rarely post. Although I’ve gotten pretty good at a lot of the Tik Tok dances. Maybe I should post on my account with something over my face so I don’t have to see it. Also I’ve run out of my make up so even though being stuck in lockdown would be the perfect time to Tik Tok I wont do it with out being able to cover up my red skin. I suffer from roscea so I have permeant red cheeks and nose. And I didn’t think it was that bad until I went to the hospital about my chest and the doctor was more focus on my red face than my chest pain. But I digress.

Anyways I was in bed watching Tik Toks. Daly and I always save ones we think the other would like. We led in bed while Bella played between the two bedrooms watching videos. Now when I’m sleep deprived I find things funnier than normal and as I went through my videos showing Daly they seemed to get funnier and funnier. I was absolutely dying giggling about a video using Cards Against Muggles (Harry Potter themed ones) and Cards Against Disney. The last cards they pulled out got me. ‘Dobby’s last words should have been … Hakuna Matata, Motherf*****s!’ That was it, I lost it! I was laughing so much Liam heard us through the wall and woke up.

It meant the whole household was up and downstairs before 7am. Apparently ten to 7 is too early to start drinking according to Daly. How to put a downer on my morning. I argued it was after midday somewhere in the world but nope. I was a good girl and didn’t start drinking.

Bella and I snuggled up on the sofa while Daly popped on the first Fast and Furious films and within minutes Bella fell asleep on my chest. It’s really frustrating how I have to get Bella to snuggle up on my chest to sleep. Yet when we’re upstairs and there’s a bed to sleep in she’s jumping around all over the place. So Bella crashed out for an hour yet I managed to stay awake.

When Bella finally woke up again she wanted to go outside. She got all dressed up in her coat and wellies with her handbag and phone ready to go outside. You could see her sass! I told her she was not to go outside until she got dressed, which started a little fight but eventually I was aloud to get her dressed.

Once she was dressed she was aloud to go outside. She went outside with one of her Disney dolls. She chose Jasmine today and was playing with her in the swing before she asked me to put her in the swing. She still has a baby swing seat rather than a normal seat and with Bella getting big I thought we’d rectify this and ordered her a new swing seat. Especially as Bella’s feet were dragging along the floor.

After playing in the swing and struggling to get her back out of the seat we played a little football. I had gotten one of our garden chairs out and was chilling by the backdoor. Bella and I were kicking ball between us.

Now as it was so nice outside I told her she was aloud to play without her coat. In fact it was really nice outside. I’d been starting to feel a bit rough but sitting outside in the sun was helping me feel a little better. I don’t think it’s anything serious, just a cold. I’d messaged Rachel yesterday afternoon about picking me up some orange juice and tissues as whenever I start to feel sick I give myself a vitamin C overdose.

I had brough Bella’s gardening tray outside and she was enjoying herself doing a little bit of gardening. She was filling her pots with compost and then adding a flower to it. It’s so cute how much she’s enjoying the gardening and being outside. At least it means she’s not completely climbing the wall inside permanently.

We continued to enjoying the weather outside. Bella brought her baby outside and the pram. She was walking the pram around the garden and pushing the baby on the swing.

Bella was teaching baby how to kick the ball and we were kicking the ball between us. It was so lovely to see how imaginative Bella is and loves to act like a mummy or a big sister.

To continue with spending time outside in the sun while I tried to feel between Bella brought her jigsaws outside. I laid a blanket down on the floor so Bella wasn’t on the hard concrete of the patio. She chose to bring out her shape puzzles which she’s very good at.

After a while I started to feel a bit worse so I head upstairs to have a lay down and take some medicine. Thankfully Daly had gone and picked up some orange juice for me to tide me over until Rachel was able to drop some round. So I took my juice upstairs, took some medicine and tried to sleep. It seems to be the same cold/illness I had over new year so I can only sleep in spurts of about 2 hours at a time.

When I woke up Rachel had been round and dropped off some orange juice and tissues. Bella had fallen asleep on Daly while he was watching films. He had decided to have a massive Fast and Furious marathon and I had woken up towards the end of the fifth film – one of my favourites.

I felt ropy for the rest of the day and ended up spending most of it trying to breathe, steaming my face and taking hot showers to open up my air ways. I absolutely hate colds although I’m extremely grateful that’s all it is and not Covid19. I really don’t do being sick.

Bit of a lovely morning outside but a rubbish afternoon as I started to feel sicker.

Stay safe

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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