Lockdown 2020 – Starting to feel better – 6th April 2020

I still wasn’t feeling great but I seem to be on the mend now. My immune system has finally kicked in only taken three days. I wasn’t up to too much today so we had a nice easy morning to start. A bit of PJs and some CBeebies.

I had sorted out our shopping list for the week and sent it over to Rachel. I had added to it during the week but it didn’t seem like we needed too much. The main thing I wanted was some cooking ingredients for some Easter cooking during the week and anything to help cure a cold.

We moved into the garden for some fun. Bella’s new swing seat had turned up so I fitted that. Bella wasn’t too sure how to use the swing seat. It was quite funny watching her try. We had a little bit of a nightmare trying to adjust it so Bella could sit on it. I had to keep adjusting up and down and it took a few minutes before it was the perfect height.

I tried to teach Bella that she need to push her feet out in front of her when she swung so she didn’t catch her feet under her. She eventually seemed to master it until she ended up leaning too far back and actually did a back flip off the swing. It was really funny to watch, she was perfectly fine though. She found it funny too.

Bella came inside for lunch and we sat at Bella’s little table. I had already set it up so that Bella could watch a Live session from her nursery later in the afternoon. One of her nursery nurses was going to run a Live session focusing on fine motor skills using playdough.

After lunch I cracked out the maths activity I had planned for Bella. I normally aim to do maths first thing in the morning but today I hadn’t felt up to structured learning, also Bella is a bit of a handful to get to focus first thing in the morning.

Our maths activity for today was a shape Easter egg. Bella had to glue various shapes on to the egg. I had already cut the shapes out for her. She is getting better at cutting but still struggles a little. This way she just had to focus on gluing and which shapes she was using.

She seemed to really enjoy this activity. We chatted about the different shapes she had used and the colours.

It was soon time for her play dough session with nursery. I linked my laptop up to the TV and we were able to follow along with her nursery nurse. Bella wasn’t completely feeling the session but joined in with a bit of encouragement and guidance from me.

The rest of the afternoon Bella played and I prepared dinner. After dinner I set about preparing the resources for the rest of the week. The main thing I wanted to get done was the Easter sensory bin. I should have really made sure it was ready over the weekend but being ill meant everything was slightly delayed. I hunted out the shredder and sat on the floor shredding green and peach paper while watching Made in Chelsea. I also completed an Easter busy bag for Bella with various Easter themed brick pairs on one side and Easter eggs on the opposite site side. I also added in some Easter themed instruction cards.

Once everything was completed I decided to call it a night and headed upstairs to bed.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventure tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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