Lockdown 2020 – Cooking Easter Treats – 10th April 2020

Guess how this morning started. With the swing in the garden. It seems to be Bella’s favourite activity so outside was where we were first thing this morning. Bella’s little friend from next door was in her garden and Bella could see her though the gap in the fence. The little girl was wearing a Little Mermaid outfit so Bella wanted to wear one of her Little Mermaid outfits.

Inside we went so Bella could choose one. She has about 5 different ones so plenty to choose from but only one of them I was willing for her to wear outside. She chose her dress and then was very upset because it was one I didn’t want her to wear outside. It was an official Disney one so I don’t want it damaged. We got her dressed and then Bella went and played.

Now for the last 24 hours we had been hearing a weird squeaky recorded voice which seemed to be coming from Bella’s play room. I had a feeling I knew which toy it was. Bella received a chatting hamster from Dawn and Grant as a present and I know it’s one of those toys that records what it hears and then repeats it in it’s only voice. I figured Bella had turned it on and then left it somewhere in the playroom and was therefore going off everytime someone spoke loud enough to record it. The only problem was I had no idea where it was. I had a good hunt around her playroom and ended up finding the hamster on in Bella’s picnic basket. It was on and happily chatting away.

Bella spotted the hamster and wanted to play with it so we sat on the floor playing with him making him say random stuff. I was making him sing Jingle Bells. Bella wanted me to take a few photos of her with the hamster. Sometimes she wants her photo taken, such a shame it’s never the photos I want to take.

After lots of playing with the hamster and making it sing and giggling, I decided to clean the kitchen. We were planning on doing some cooking but I needed to clear the counters first and put all the washing away. Once I put the washing away I decided to clean the actual drying section of the sink as it was getting a bit gross.

As we were doing some cooking I got Bella dressed. She wanted to wear her summer dress that Leanne had bought her for her birthday. She looked so cute in the dress I wanted to send Leanne a photo. I had sent her of photo of Bella in her Little Mermaid pyjamas when she worn them so it seemed fitting. Surprising I managed to get another nice photo of Bella. It’s obviously the day for photos.

First up we were going to cook some Easter nests. I found out all the ingredients and laid them out on the counter top. Bella checked through the ingredients using the recipe and then we were ready to get on with our cooking. Bella’s first job was to lay all the cupcake cases out in a cake tray. Then she needed to break up the chocolate and put it in the bowl with butter and golden syrup.

Once all the ingredients were in the bowl I melted them altogether over a pan of water on the hob. Bella disappeared off at this and went to play in the living room while I melted the chocolate mix. Which was fair enough, this bit was a little unsafe with it being on a hot hob.

Once the chocolate was melted I called Bella back into the kitchen and she poured in the corn flakes. We stirred then in to the chocolate mix fully coating them. Once all the cornflakes were covered in chocolate I scooped them into the cup cake cases and Bella added two eggs to each nest. Once all the nests were complete we popped them in the fridge.

Next up we were going to make Easter egg biscuits. I first mixed the sugar and butter together and creamed them together. Bella then broke the egg into a bowl with help and then we added it in to our mixture. We mixed all the ingredients together. Bella happily enjoyed joining in with this. She helped me mix them all together.

Once we’d mixed all the butter, sugar and egg together it was time for the flour. We sieved the flour into the butter mixture so I could stir it in. The spoon Bella had used to stir the flour through the sieve Bella decided to eat. She’s a funny one at times. She ended up cover in flour.

Once all the ingredients had been fully mixed together and I had made the dough, we rolled it out. I gave Bella a small part of the dough each time to roll out and then she cut up the egg shapes.

Once I’d filled a baking tray full of egg biscuits I popped them into the oven to cook. Once again Bella went to play. While we were waiting for the biscuits to cook Bella headed back into the garden. It was still a very pretty day outside and Bella was happily playing on the swing. I kept popping back into the house to check on our biscuits.

The biscuits were finally cooked but they needed to cool in the kitchen. So instead of trying a biscuit she wanted to try one of the nests. Now because children under 4 aren’t suppose to have mini eggs I took her eggs off the top of her nest and enjoyed them for her. Thankfully she doesn’t mind me eating the eggs.

The rest of the day was spent enjoying the Easter treats and watching films. I absolutely love spending our afternoons sitting as a family and watching movies.

Stay safe.

Night all and let’s see what adventures tomorrow holds for us.

Love CiCi x

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